CASE STUDY: Minnesota Vikings Ring of Honor Crest

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Published on: December 8, 2016


The Minnesota Vikings Ring of Honor recognizes Vikings legendary veteran players for their contributions to the team both on and off the field.  EMT had the extreme privilege of creating the crest that adorns this year’s blazer. These blazers were presented in the Vikings new stadium.  An article on the Vikings website features videos and shares some of the history that led these greats to this moment in time.

To the average Joe this might look like just another jacket. And really, it is. However add these gold crests, and these simple purple jackets now symbolize a lifetime of achievement. A simple piece of clothing acts not only as a tangible token of the team’s appreciation for their part in the Minnesota Vikings story, but held within each thread are the memories of two-a-day practices, and hall of fame worthy plays as well as never-ending friendships and legacies that will not soon be forgotten.

Billboards are great for a moment, a YouTube video or post on social media is good when the power is on and the Internet connection is strong, and a pen is great until the ink runs dry. However, the look on the faces of these football legends when upon receiving their new wearable trophy says more than words ever really can or will. The thought that a simple embroidered crest could encapsulate so many memories and provoke so much emotion? Ah, yes. THAT is the power of promo!

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Do you have a project that could benefit from harnessing the power of promotional patches?

Let EMT help make it easy! View our list of products at If you don’t see what you need, don’t let that stop you. Just contact us with the details on the project and what you are looking to accomplish, and we’ll help you figure out the rest!

Beyond the Girl Scout: Making the Case for Embroidered Patches as the Perfect Promo

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Published on: November 15, 2016


In an article recently featured on PPAI’s social media sites, Cassandra Report stated that embroidered patches are THE accessory at the moment, stating that “Just as enamel pins are having a fashion moment, embroidered patches too, are enjoying widespread adoption among the style-conscious. As consumers shy away from overt branding, patches lend an easy way to infuse one’s wardrobe with a distinct personal brand”

So, according to Cassandra – pins and patches are winning. Just who is this Cassandra Report? Only the leading ongoing study of emerging trends, two decades strong.

Beyond current fashion, patches have had influence in the world for thousands of years Originally stitched by hand, colored thread was woven into designs and used to mark clothing and fabrics of dignitaries, elected officials, and clergy. In 2016, patches are more prominent than ever – being used by everyone from Military, Motorcycle Clubs and Girl Scout Troops to fashion forward clothing shops, music festivals, businesses and design firms, and my personal favorite – entire online shops dedicated to adult merit badges (Yes. This is a real thing!)

Before you choose a patch for your next promotion, you should know that not all patches are created equally. Even if the embroidery is done on the same exact brand of machine, the quality of the finished product relies almost entirely on the quality of your digitized (or .dst) file. Most often, the supplier you work with digitizes your file for you. The level of attention they give to this part of the process can mean the difference between your clients happiness and utter disappointment. Choose your supplier carefully!

When it comes to the patches themselves, you have a number of options to choose from. The right patch for you and your client will depend on what their artwork looks like and what message you are trying to send. If you want the more traditional look, you can go for an embroidered patch, but if your logo has small details you might want to try a PinPointe Patch. The basic structure is the same, but an advanced method allows for the finished product to be nearly photo realistic. Should you want an actual photo, there is also a solution for that. This would be done on a sublimated patch. In this case the patch itself is sewn, but your logo or image is dyed into the fabric rather than stitched.  

At the end of the day, patches are both trendy and timeless. They are the perfect product to bring awareness to your cause or promote your brand’s message. If you do it right, you can even have a little fun in the process.

Connect with us! What questions do you have? How can we help make sure your next project wows with patches?

Nurse’s Best Friend is Here!

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Published on: April 5, 2016

Don’t Forget Nurses Week: May 6-13

See how it works here:

Nurses Week Facebook

Promo Loops Included in the 2016 Oscars Gift Bag

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Published on: February 26, 2016

Indianapolis, IN- EMT, a leading supplier of emblematic jewelry, awards and promotional products, announced today that one of their most popular new products of 2016 will be included in the gift bag given to the nominees at the Academy Awards on February 28th.

The Petite Loop, from the line of Promo Loop cell phone products, was specially designed for the Academy Awards event, created with a gold-colored imprint to emulate the famous Oscar statue. The verbiage included on the Petite Loop: “We all loop in gold.”

Promo Loops(Petite Loop and the Ninja Loop)fit any mobile device and their cases and prevent unfortunate cell phone drops by securing the device around the hand or wrist. The full color sublimated imprint makes the product versatile for any company, organization, cause, or occasion. Promo Loops are lightweight but strong, and attaches securely to any mobile phone or case.

For more information about Promo Loops, visit

Ninja Loop inventor Jean-Philippe Brousseau was on All In A Day to explain how his smartphone invention ended up in the Academy Awards gift bags.…/ninja-loop-goes-to-the-Oscars

Oscars Loops Gold

Oscars Loops-EU

New Case Study: Liquid Pourer

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Published on: November 2, 2015

Purpose: Promote your business as potential clients enjoy a soothing drink from their new liquid pourer. This product is a bartender’s best friend and allows for the smooth, continuous flow of spirits from the bottle. This allows for speed and consistency when making drinks or for easier access and perfect pours from home.

Market: Beverage products

Objective: Increase holiday sales, promote brand loyalty

Strategy: Competition is high in the liquor business as there are many new brands and flavors created every year. In order to excel, businesses need to stand out among all the competitors and present the consumer with an original idea. As part of a strategy to increase sales during the holiday season, a small liquor company decided to give away a free liquor pourer with the purchase of any 750mL bottle.

Results: The liquid pourer was a huge success. The company sold 18% more large 750mL bottles of liquor than any previous year and the number of returning customers also increased over the following months.


>       Metallic chrome finish

>       Rubber base insert fits most wine, olive oil, and other beverage bottles

>       Approximately 4” tall with 1 ½” x 15/16” oval or 1 ¼” circle imprint

>       Includes custom full color imprint with epoxy dome

>       Production time: 6 Working days. 4 working day rush service available

Liquid Pourer

Case Study: Wine Bottle Stopper

Purpose: The bottle stopper makes for a fun promotional gift that anyone can use. Place the stopper in any open beverage bottle to preserve freshness and promote your company.

Market: Beverage products

Objective: To increase sales and customer satisfaction

Strategy: As a part of their 50th anniversary celebration, a local Oregon winery decided to host a wine tasting event. They wanted their customers to have something special as reminder of their brand long after the wine was gone. To accomplish this, every person who bought a bottle of wine received a free bottle stopper.

Results: The celebration went off without a hitch with nearly 800 people in attendance. Customers enjoyed the bottle stopper and were reminded of the winery when they used it. This was seen in an 8% increase in sales over the next few months as well as an expansion in social media interest.


>       Rubber stopper insert fits most wine and other beverage bottles

>       Unique, die cast sculpted swirl design flows into a full color epoxy dome imprint

>       Deluxe black, two-piece gift box packaging included

>       Highly polished nickel finish with 7/8” round imprint

>       Production time: 6 Working days. 4 working day rush service available

Wine Bottle Stopper

Case Study: Belt Buckles

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Published on: October 30, 2015

Purpose: The belt buckle is a stylish accessory that can complement almost any outfit while also promoting your business. It is a practical and thoughtful gift that can be personalized to fit any occasion.

Market: Agricultural industries

Objective: To honor employees’ hard work and dedication

Strategy: Diligent and committed employees’ are the backbone of any thriving company. In order to honor their employees’ loyalty, a large agricultural company decided to gift those who had worked for them 5 years or more with a personalized belt buckle.

Results: Employees were grateful for the gesture and enjoyed having such a practical reward for their service. This resulted in an increase in their overall productivity and satisfaction. They were also able to wear the belt buckles while out on the job which resulted in an increase in emblem recognition.


>       Reproduce intricate designs or logos in any size or shape

>       Custom shape at no extra charge. Choose from 2D or 3D high relief

>       Plating Options: bright nickel, bright copper, black nickel, antique brass or antique copper. Other finishes quoted upon request

>       Personalization, numeral tabs and consecutive numbering, jewels, and PMS color match enamel fill options available

>       Production time: 4 weeks – rush available


Belt Buckles

Case Study: Guardian Angel

Purpose: The guardian angel is a light, portable, inconspicuous tool that can be used to protect yourself and loved ones from potential attackers. Designed mainly for women, the guardian angel is used by placing two fingers inside the holes with the bottom resting securely in your palm. In the event of an attack, the wing points will be jabbed towards the eyes or any fleshy part of an attacker. By attaching this key chain to your car keys, you are insuring that a guardian angel is always watching over you.

Market: Personal Protection

Objective: To increase the security and well-being of women as they travel

Strategy: The owner of a major promotional company became aware of an increase in street violence when a close friend of theirs was mugged in a parking lot. Wanting to reduce the number of defenseless women in the city, they started offering a line of personal protection gear to their customers. The first in this line was the guardian angel which was given to a handful of employees to test.

Results: The testimonials of the employees were extremely positive. The guardian angel made them feel more secure as they traveled and were intuitive to use. It felt comfortable in their hands and those that had children off at college said they would feel better knowing their child had a guardian angel.


>       Contoured to fit most hands

>       Concentrates strike force to deter attackers

>       Available in black and white

>       Convenient key ring attachment

>       Large pad print spot color 1 ½” X 1”

>       Production time: 6 Working days

Guardian Angel in White

New Case Study: Crystal Key Tags


2-D or 3-D crystal key tags with Red, green or blue internal led light complete with upscale nickel plated key ring, light up a dark entryway. The stock shape is rectangular, and the imprint can be etched in the crystal, on the crystal, or both. This gift comes in a deluxe packaging, so it’s perfect for gift-giving, trade shows, and business gifts.

Market: Education

Objective: Shine a light on a very serious issue, and provide an affordable, but practical promotional product to be part of a gift bag conference attendees were receiving.

Strategy: A conference was planned on a state college campus by the state’s Human Trafficking Task Force in an effort to “shine a light” on human trafficking.” The cost to attend the conference was $125. After the event, each attendee of the conference received a gift bag full of contact information, souvenirs, and marketing collateral.  The symbolic, but practical crystal key tag was selected for the promotional bag, because it went the theme of “shining a light” on a serious issue.

Results:  In the conference, one speaker used the promotional item to start a social media campaign. All of the attendees were asked to pose with the crystal key tag and post a selfie on the taskforce’s Facebook page. Approximately 749 people posted on a selfie with the light on, to bring this very serious issue into the light. The Facebook page gained 204 additional likes, and several people inquired on how and where to get the key tag to help “shine a light on human trafficking in Michigan.”

  • On/off switch to conserve replaceable battery
  • Stock rectangular shape, with a 2D or 3D imprint etched in the crystal, on the crystal, or both
  • Production time: 15 working days
  • red, green and blue LED light


Crystal Key Tags

Case Study: Pink 2-D Ribbon Lapel Pins

Case Study: Pink Ribbon Lapel Pins

Purpose: Durable and long lasting pin die struck from jewelers metal, with hand filled bold enamel colors. Size: 1.” Each pin comes with a clutch back and is individually poly bagged.

Market:  Health/Wellness

Objective: Create awareness about mammograms for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, increase social media presence, and gain new clientele.

Strategy:  A large drugstore that just opened wellness clinics in a large city hoped to increase patient intake by offering discounted mammograms for the month of October. These patients would be offered five pink ribbon lapel pins to distribute to their friends with the hopes that they too would get mammograms, and spread the word about breast cancer awareness for October. Th

Results: In the month of October, the number of mammograms performed rose over 30%. On social media, word spread and on Facebook, the company page received an additional 600 likes, in addition to hundreds of new followers on Twitter.  The campaign was a huge success giving the clinic both good publicity and increasing sales.


  • Highly Polished Gold Finish
  • 2-D
  • Immediate Shipment


Item #AR2, 2-D Pink Ribbon Lapel Pin

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