Case Study: Grip-It Microfiber Cloth

Purposes: The all new Grip-It microfiber cloth was designed to offer a convenient way to promote your company while still offering practicality and use. Whether it’s a phone screen or a pair of glasses, this microfiber cloth is sure to clear up whatever mess you may have.

Market: Eyewear

Objective: To differentiate a company and spread the brand image

Strategy: A large national eyewear company was looking for a new way to differentiate themselves among the competition. They knew their customers loved the little things that set their brand apart. They decided to offer the custom Grip-It microfiber cloth to any customer who purchased a new pair of glasses or sunglasses. This surmounts to thousands of glasses every day across the country. With some advertisement of the limited time promotion, they were sure to attract some new customers. They also knew that people using the cloth in their daily life would spread the name brand of their company.

Results: The campaign lasted a month and thousands of people were now carrying the microfiber cloth. They had a record-breaking sales month by selling 18% more than their average. They continued to see the effects of the campaign for months after the promotion ended since customers used their new Grip-It to clean off their valuables and glasses, which was free brand promotion.

  • Dye sublimated full color imprint on 260GSM 80% polyester/20% polyamide microfiber
  • Silicone Grippers make cleaning even the dirtiest screens easy
  • Silicone Grippers available as dots or logo shapes
  • 6″ x 7″ standard size; Custom sizes available and QUR
  • Fast 2 week production


Grip It Microfiber Cloth
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