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EMT Case Study: “Iced Out” Dog Tags

Purposes: One of the top morning TV shows, filmed live in New York City, with an audience, wanted a customized accessory to give as a gift, engage the crowd, and leave guests/viewers with a lasting experience.

Market: Although the demographics of this particular morning talk show include everyone, the majority of viewers seem to be young professionals, between the ages of 25-35 years old, primarily female.

Objective: To reach the target audience with a fun, branded gift – to pass out to members of the live audience during commercial breaks and set changes pre- and post-show. As the target market is young professional women, a bright, colorful accessory fit the bill perfectly, but needed to be lightweight, easy to pass out, cost-effective to accommodate the incredible number of viewers, and be produced A.S.A.P.

Strategy: The network purchased over a hundred of these “iced out” dog tags with synthetic jewels and distributed them to the studio audience. Not only were they customized, the colors used were attention-grabbing and bright, with synthetic jewels embellishing the border. Audience members loved the bling! Some immediately attached the dog tags to their keys and purses, while some chose to wear them as a necklace. The “iced out” dog tags were such a hit, network execs began receiving requests by viewers from all around the nation to purchase them, and began carrying them on their e-commerce websites.

•             With or without soft enamel color fill

•             Choose “iced out” with synthetic jewels or custom piercings

•             Sizes and finishes QUR

•             Production time: 4 weeks


"Iced Out" Die Cast Dog Tag

EMT Selfie of the Week: Melissa Halcomb, Account Manager


Elegant, distinctive and fun to wear

  • “ICED OUT” jeweled dog tags include a border with 44 colorful, synthetic jewels.
  • Die cast zinc with rich, textured nickel-plated finish.
  • Two soft enamel colors and 24″ bead chain included.
  • Dog tag size: 1-1/8″ wide x 1-7/8″ high. Custom imprint template here.
  • Jewel colors: clear, blue, green, red or yellow. Other colors available, contact factory for details.
  • Production time: 4 weeks. Rush service available.
  • Options include:
    • two-sided imprint
    • zipper pulls
    • split key rings
    • bead chains in a variety of other lengths.
  • Designs without jewels quoted upon request.

Other dog tag styles available:

Only at EMT: Elegant Bottle Stoppers

Unique, die cast sculpted swirl design flows into a full color epoxy dome imprint
Highly polished nickel finish
Rubber stopper insert fits most wine and other beverage bottles
Imprint size: 7/8″ round. Custom imprint template here.
Deluxe black, two-piece gift box packaging included
Production time: 8 working day standard
5 working day rush service available

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Product Showcase: EMT Bottle Stopper

Product Showcase: EMT Botttle Stopper
by Katherine (Kally) Musser

Kally Musser, EMT Customer Care Coordinator

Finishing up my last year as a full-time student at IUPUI, I am new to the promotional products industry. Working as the Customer Care Coordinator for EMT, I primarily work with Sample Requests and Follow-Ups, which involves interacting with customers primarily via Email or over the phone. I love interacting with customers from all around the United States, and occasionally around the world. Not only are our products used all over the place, they are also used for a myriad of reasons – from massive, corporate functions to small, education-related events. Lately, the Hospitality Line of products from EMT, including items such as the Full Color Imprint Bottle Stoppers, Custom Bottle Openers, etc., have been wildly popular – and I have to admit; the buzz from customers about these products has been contagious.

The last few weeks I have been finalizing plans for my wedding this summer. Almost everything has been planned out, but there still seem to be a million details left to take care of – one being the wedding favors for our guests! I checked out all kinds of wedding favors, but could not make up my mind. I was working one morning and BAM – it hit me – a customized bottle stopper would be perfect! They are simple, but high-quality; fun and unique, but actually practical. Bottle Stoppers are something I think our wedding guests will enjoy and actually be able to use

The full-color imprint on top of the Bottle Stopper was personalized with the initial of my future last name and the date of the wedding. The scroll of the initial turned out elegant and beautiful.

The bottle stoppers come in deluxe packaging, so they are ready to go. All that will have to be done to them is setting them out on a table to be presented to our guests.

In terms of cost-effectiveness bottle stoppers are budget-friendly, which, as college students, is of course a top priority.

Last but not least, I really cannot stress the quality of the bottle stoppers enough! They are made of a heavy metal, so not only do they look nice, they FEEL like a high-quality item.

(Wedding Images to Come)


EMT Bottle Stopper

Be Aware: EMT’s Awareness Products

Click here for more information on EMT’s Awareness Products.

EMT Awareness Products: Compassion, Kindness and Quality

New Product Alert: Award Rings from EMT!

Wear your status in style with this new beautiful and customized ring.

Perfect for team-building, corporate meetings, awards, fraternal organizations, schools and youth groups
Five stock bezels to recognize excellence
Ring Plating Finishes:
Antique brass finish – standard
Bright Silver finish – $1.00
Bright Gold finish – $2.00
Antique Silver finish – $2.00
Available sizes: 5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 10, 11, 12
Die struck soft enamel center:
Four week production
Full color poly poly dome center:
Eight working day production
Production time for optional finishes 4 weeks


EMT Selfie of the Week:Novella Charon, Account Manager

Wipe-It NOW! screen cleaners safely and completely clear the view screens of all mobile electronics
Perfect for cell phones, mp3 and DVD players, GPS, cameras and game players
Inexpensive and always visible, the gift everyone will use!
Full color imprint on stock circle, rectangle and square shapes. Now available, a completely custom shape up to 1-1/2″ size
Adhesive microfiber material clings to device back where it is stored for quick access
Place on fingertip to clean screen completely of fingerprints, makeup residue and streaks
Reusable and washable, just rinse in water to restore self-adhesive properties
Retail-style packaging with full color insert card in poly bag
Absolute minimum 300 pieces
Production time: 3 weeks

Account Manager, Novella Charon with Wipe it Now!


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2) Selfies will be posted to our blog and Facebook page throughout the contest. A drawing from eligible entries will be held on July 31, and we’ll announce the iPad Mini winner on Friday, August 1, 2014.

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