Case Study: Pink 2-D Ribbon Lapel Pins

Case Study: Pink Ribbon Lapel Pins

Purpose: Durable and long lasting pin die struck from jewelers metal, with hand filled bold enamel colors. Size: 1.” Each pin comes with a clutch back and is individually poly bagged.

Market:  Health/Wellness

Objective: Create awareness about mammograms for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, increase social media presence, and gain new clientele.

Strategy:  A large drugstore that just opened wellness clinics in a large city hoped to increase patient intake by offering discounted mammograms for the month of October. These patients would be offered five pink ribbon lapel pins to distribute to their friends with the hopes that they too would get mammograms, and spread the word about breast cancer awareness for October. Th

Results: In the month of October, the number of mammograms performed rose over 30%. On social media, word spread and on Facebook, the company page received an additional 600 likes, in addition to hundreds of new followers on Twitter.  The campaign was a huge success giving the clinic both good publicity and increasing sales.


  • Highly Polished Gold Finish
  • 2-D
  • Immediate Shipment


Item #AR2, 2-D Pink Ribbon Lapel Pin

EMT at the DC Power Meeting

Veronica with a EMT ribbon lapel pin and safety light

How EMT and Promotional Product Distributors Spread the Word: October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Spreading the word on Breast Cancer Awareness: Lia Acres is committed to the cause.

“Sorry for the late response as I have been absent from the office for a short period. However, I would like to thank you for delivering the sample pins for our company to distribute.  Please see attached for the picture display of the sample pins along with custom-made cards before delivery to 20 of our customers. These pins were mailed out so there are no pictures of distribution.

Thank you once again for letting us be a part of spreading this awareness.”

— Lia Acres, FrankHill Limited

How EMT and Promotional Product Distributors Spread the Word: October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Spreading the word on Breast Cancer Awareness: Lisa Marrs is committed to the cause.

“I took the Pink Ribbon pins you donated to my networking group, Professional Referral Exchange.  Everyone was thrilled with their pins; I explained that my mother passed away from breast cancer, and that my sister had successfully battled the disease and that awareness was a cause near and dear to my heart.  I challenged them to wear the pins as often as they could in October as a way to start discussions about prevention and education for men as well as for women.  I had my box of samples you sent earlier, and asked everyone to take a look at them and see the quality of your products.  They were most happy to pose for a picture for you!

Thank you all again for your generosity; I believe that when we discuss breast cancer together and find out how very many of us are affected by loved ones who battle it, we are all so much more aware of ways we can come together to conquer it!”

— Lisa Marrs, Commonwealth Printing and Promotions
Mt. Holly Springs, PA


How EMT and Promotional Product Distributors Spread the Word: October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Spreading the word on Breast Cancer Awareness: Lori Krasnowsky is committed to the cause.

“Thanks for the follow-up!  Yes.  I did receive them, and have started handing them out. I’m a Breast Cancer survivor myself, so I’m grateful to have them to hand out.  I’ve produced awareness ribbons in the past.  Perhaps handing these out will allow me the opportunity to produce them again. All the best”

— Lori Krasnowsky


How EMT and Promotional Product Distributors Spread the Word: October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Spreading the word on Breast Cancer Awareness: Tim Holliday, MASI is committed to the cause.

“We did receive the samples, and we have given them out to our team to wear and discuss breast cancer awareness.  This one is near and dear to us, as my wife (CEO of the business) was diagnosed with breast cancer last June, and is just now finishing her journey with that.  So, I don’t have a specific customer that we’re targeting with this, but will certainly be discussing with everyone, as we’ve already started wearing the pins everyday.  Hopefully, that will raise awareness, and, maybe get us some business too.  I’ll try and get some of our team together tomorrow and snap a picture for you.”

—Tim Holliday, MASI, Children’s World Uniform Supply, Inc.


Testimonial: Kally Berry, Customer Care Coordinator

“Hi Kally. I did receive the lapel pins and handed them out at my networking meeting yesterday.  Had a lot of positive response to them.  I was also at a meeting this morning and found that one of the other ladies at the meeting is fighting breast cancer so I reached in my purse and handed her one of them.  You should have seen the look on her face as she immediately pinned it on her shirt.  Priceless. Thank you!!!”

—Karen Bateman, Windstar Promotions

Kally Berry, Customer Care Coordinator

Help us Spread the Word: Free EMT Pink Ribbon Lapel Pins

EMT Awareness Products: Compassion, Kindness and Quality

Testimonial: Thank you for the Yellow Lapel Pins

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Published on: November 18, 2013

Shortly after running the Yellow Lapel Pin promotion where EMT offered 100 free lapel pins to anyone who could provide their shipper # in honor of Veteran’s Day—Sales Manager, Novella Charon, received a call from David A. DeWitt. He had found out that his son, Sgt. Benjamin DeWitt would be deploying to Afghanistan as part of the partial pull-out of the USA involvement in that country, and he was hopeful that he might receive the yellow pins in time for the 1460th Mich. Nat. Guard Transportation Company’s deployment ceremony on Saturday, November 16. Over 150 soldiers will receive additional training in Texas before being sent “down range” for 9 months in Afghanistan. EMT made sure he had the pins to distribute and wear at the ceremony to show support of our troops.


460th Mich. National Guard Transportation Company's Deployment Ceremony


From Left to Right: David A. DeWitt, Sgt. Benjamin DeWitt, and David's wife, Susan at the Dow-Midland High School, where the ceremony was held.




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