Case Study: Pink 2-D Ribbon Lapel Pins

Case Study: Pink Ribbon Lapel Pins

Purpose: Durable and long lasting pin die struck from jewelers metal, with hand filled bold enamel colors. Size: 1.” Each pin comes with a clutch back and is individually poly bagged.

Market:  Health/Wellness

Objective: Create awareness about mammograms for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, increase social media presence, and gain new clientele.

Strategy:  A large drugstore that just opened wellness clinics in a large city hoped to increase patient intake by offering discounted mammograms for the month of October. These patients would be offered five pink ribbon lapel pins to distribute to their friends with the hopes that they too would get mammograms, and spread the word about breast cancer awareness for October. Th

Results: In the month of October, the number of mammograms performed rose over 30%. On social media, word spread and on Facebook, the company page received an additional 600 likes, in addition to hundreds of new followers on Twitter.  The campaign was a huge success giving the clinic both good publicity and increasing sales.


  • Highly Polished Gold Finish
  • 2-D
  • Immediate Shipment


Item #AR2, 2-D Pink Ribbon Lapel Pin

Case Study: Pink Ribbon Appliques

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Published on: July 28, 2015

Purposes: The Pink Ribbon Applique is perfect for displaying your support for breast cancer awareness permanently on an accessory. With a heat seal backing, it can be easily applied to almost anything.

Market: Football

Objective: Display support for breast cancer awareness in a big-scale way.

Strategy: The football league decided for their breast cancer awareness month, they needed something to make their gloves special. The Pink ribbon applique was the perfect lightweight options to seal onto all football gloves for the month. After ordering thousands, every player in the league was proudly displaying them on their gloves.

Result: The gloves became a very popular awareness item, as they were seen over and over again for the month on TV and in person. After the month, they were donated to different groups and people who suffered from breast cancer. They not only raised awareness, but they became special memorabilia.

  • 100% thread coverage embroidered appliqués
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Pink
  • Stock shape shown. Size: 1-1/4″ hi x 5/8″ wide
  • No setup charges
  • Choice of adhesive or heat seal backing
  • Production time: 2 weeks. Rush service available

How EMT and Promotional Product Distributors Spread the Word: October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Spreading the word on Breast Cancer Awareness: Lia Acres is committed to the cause.

“Sorry for the late response as I have been absent from the office for a short period. However, I would like to thank you for delivering the sample pins for our company to distribute.  Please see attached for the picture display of the sample pins along with custom-made cards before delivery to 20 of our customers. These pins were mailed out so there are no pictures of distribution.

Thank you once again for letting us be a part of spreading this awareness.”

— Lia Acres, FrankHill Limited

How EMT and Promotional Product Distributors Spread the Word: October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Spreading the word on Breast Cancer Awareness: Lori Krasnowsky is committed to the cause.

“Thanks for the follow-up!  Yes.  I did receive them, and have started handing them out. I’m a Breast Cancer survivor myself, so I’m grateful to have them to hand out.  I’ve produced awareness ribbons in the past.  Perhaps handing these out will allow me the opportunity to produce them again. All the best”

— Lori Krasnowsky


How EMT and Promotional Product Distributors Spread the Word: October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Spreading the word on Breast Cancer Awareness: Brenda Hansler is committed to the cause.

“Thank you so much!  Yes, received the pins last week…We have our annual cancer walk coming up. At this event, I will be giving out these pins as thank you’s to sponsors and letting them know what I can do—with EMT as my supplier. Thank you so much for doing things like this to give us the opportunity to show the many things we can do!”

— Brenda Hansler, Vernon Promotional Sales

Your Awareness Product Guide from EMT

Help us Spread the Word: Free EMT Pink Ribbon Lapel Pins

EMT Case Study: Pink Ribbon Lapel Pin

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Published on: October 22, 2013

·      Symbolic awareness color and shape

·      Promoting an important cause with affinity for your company

·      Durable and recognizable

·      Stylish and easy to associate logo with awareness

Customized Pink Ribbon Lapel Pin

Purposes: Provide recognition for breast cancer awareness and promote a company or organization’s participation with this cause with a beautiful, durable, 4-color process lapel pin. This pin is an inexpensive way to promote your brand for a specific event, holiday or promotion while reinforcing support for a worthy cause. Customization options allow branding in conjunction with that message and purpose.

Market: Large Automobile Company

Objective:  Brand Recognition in conjunction with a breast cancer awareness event

You are not alone: EMT’s Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

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Published on: June 26, 2013

To promote Breast Cancer Awareness, EMT has started a new campaign,”You are not alone.” To promote this campaign, free samples of EMT’s 2-D ribbon awareness lapel pin will be provided to promotional products distributors, after they call in with a shipper number.

What can you do to help? Please click here for a list of breast cancer awareness organizations, fundraisers, and events.

Pricing for Pink Products

For EMT Breast Cancer Awareness product pricing and information, please click on the product below that you are interested in.

Exclusive Folding Bag Hangers
Paper Air Fresheners
PitchFix Hybrid
Embroidered Appliqués
2-D Ribbon Awareness Lapel Pin
3-D Ribbon Awareness Lapel Pin
Bicycle Seat 4C




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