Power Meeting in Newport Beach 2015

Here are a few of the moments captured at Power Meeting in Newport Beach.

Alyssa Gurdon with EMT poses with a drill and Holds-A-Bit


Left to Right: Jacque Anthony with Brand Fuel hanging out with Brian Stidham, Key Account Manager at EMT


Jay Albert - From World Logo at Power Meeting- Newport Beach


Testimonial: Brian Stidham, Key Accounts Manager

“We have had several dealings with Brian over the past year. I can honestly say he is one of the very best reps we deal with if not THE best.  He is knowledgeable, extremely helpful, and best of all, quick to respond. I love the fact that if I send a communication to Brian I will hear back from him quickly. I do not get that kind of service from ANYONE in the industry.  Brian is a great guy to work with and I actually look forward to sending business to him as repayment of his efforts. Hopefully there will be a lot more business coming his way. Definitely he is the first guy I will call because I know he will take care of us.”

Chuck Porter, The Augusta Group

Brian Stidham


Testimonial: Brian Stidham, EMT Key Accounts Manager

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Published on: May 18, 2015

I find Brian Stidham and EMT a great resource for all my clients.  They have a great variety of items and some which are not your typical run of the mill items either. They are easy to work with and since I am in Cincinnati and they are in Indianapolis, I find the one day shipping a value added benefit compared to some other vendors in the industry.  They are always willing to provide assistance when needed and guide you through the quoting and ordering process.”
–Crystal B., 30+ year industry veteran

Brian Stidham, Key Accounts Manager


Testimonial: Brian Stidham, Key Accounts Manager

“I just wanted to take a moment to compliment Brian Stidham on his presentation of the products and services your company has to offer. I met Brian at the EME Elite meetings in St. Petersburg and he was both fun and professional. I have already reached out to him to help me with a project for one of my clients. As promised, he was quick to respond with options. I look forward to working with Brian and growing our business together.”

–Jill M. Allen, Account Executive, CMFI Group

Brian Stidham, Key Accounts Manager


Testimonial: Brian Stidham, Key Accounts Manager

“Brian Stidham has a ‘do what it takes’ mentality, and we value that in our vendors! I like working with him, because he’s very responsive and that’s what it takes in this industry to develop business.” —  Mitch Tendler, Pacific View Printing & Promotions

Brian Stidham, Key Accounts Manager





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