Case Study: PitchFix® Hybrid

Case Study:  PitchFix® Hybrid

Purposes: The PitchFix® Hybrid is the best golf divot tool on the market. Not only does it come in 19 colorful hues, it’s affordable, light-weight, and has switchblade functionality. A golf divot tool is used for repairing your ball mark on the green—also known as pitch mark. With PitchFix® Hybrid: Simply press the button and the fork will release itself from the handle—like a switchblade. When you’re done repairing your pitch mark just press the button once more and fold the fork back into the handle.

Market: Spirits

Objective: A successful global beer company chose to donate PitchFix® Hybrid Gift Sets to registered golf players for a golf tournament that was held each year to raise funds for heart disease. Registration and sponsorship opportunities were available—in addition, companies could donate branded golf accessories to golf tournament participants.

Strategy: The Heart Disease Foundation was selected by the world renowned beer company, because, “it’s a great foundation—not because studies claim that their dry stout beer can actually be beneficial to the heart.” Researchers found that “antioxidant compounds in the beer, similar to those found in certain fruits and vegetables, are responsible for the health benefits because they slow down the deposit of harmful cholesterol on the artery walls.” This branding opportunity allowed the beer manufacturer to raise awareness about heart disease, indirectly associate their brand name with the cause, and do something valuable in the community. The next month, the company’s website experienced a 22.3% increase in traffic.

  • Features
    • Available in 19 Color combinations
    • Switchblade function
    • Removable Ball Marker
    • Light Weight
    • Soft Touch


EMT Case Study: EMT Golf Hat Clips

EMT Case Study:  EMT Golf Hat Clips


  • Includes magnetized golf ball marker with full color ball epoxy dome imprint
  • Highly polished bright nickel plating
  • Die struck, magnetized golf ball marker remains secure on recessed magnet
  • Production time 8 working days; 5 days rush

Purposes: Highly polished bright nickel hat clip with dimensional golf ball look and feel. Easily attaches to cap or pocket.  EMT golf hat clips are fun and inexpensive, but every golfer will use this item. Die struck quality, specially priced for budget-conscious events.

Market: Foundation for Education, Golf Tournament

Objective: An educational foundation for students and teachers holds a golf tournament each year and offers opportunities to participate and sponsor the event. The foundation is responsible for receiving, holding, investing and distributing funds to provide scholarships, and enhance educational opportunities outside budgetary restrictions for the low budget School District.

Strategy: The EMT golf hat clips were put in the Thank You gift bag for the individuals who signed up to golf at the event.

EMT Golf Hat Clips
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