Testimonial: Brian Stidham, Key Accounts Manager

“We have had several dealings with Brian over the past year. I can honestly say he is one of the very best reps we deal with if not THE best.  He is knowledgeable, extremely helpful, and best of all, quick to respond. I love the fact that if I send a communication to Brian I will hear back from him quickly. I do not get that kind of service from ANYONE in the industry.  Brian is a great guy to work with and I actually look forward to sending business to him as repayment of his efforts. Hopefully there will be a lot more business coming his way. Definitely he is the first guy I will call because I know he will take care of us.”

Chuck Porter, The Augusta Group

Brian Stidham


Brian Stidham, Key Account Manager Featured in Promo Marketing

A Strong Start in Arizona

Testimonial: Brian Stidham, Key Accounts Manager

“Brian Stidham has a ‘do what it takes’ mentality, and we value that in our vendors! I like working with him, because he’s very responsive and that’s what it takes in this industry to develop business.” —  Mitch Tendler, Pacific View Printing & Promotions

Brian Stidham, Key Accounts Manager





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