Testimonial: Steve Weinstein, President of EMT

“I met Steve Weinstein, President of EMT at an ASI Tradeshow nearly 20 years ago. I couldn’t have understood back then what we have accomplished over the past 20 years. Steve has been an amazing friend, a pillar in the promotional products community, and a consummate professional.  Not only do I respect him, but I certainly appreciate everything that he and the EMT staff  do for Techno Marketing.  Steve is a highly-motivated, innovative, and intelligent presence in our industry. ”

Joe Winston, TechnoMarketing

Steve Weinstein, President of EMT

My Start in the Emblematic Jewelry Business by Steve Weinstein

When I was in High School, my family business was a small struggling woodworking factory. We made ornate cabinets and cornices in the style of Louis XIV and a line of inlaid serving trays. It was a difficult market with slow growth, large inventory and high marketing costs. One day a family friend and local Distributor came to the factory. He had a need for some award plaques that his Supplier could not meet and asked my father if we could make them. “If it’s made of wood we can make it” was my father’s proud reply.

The next day the Distributor returned to pick up his order. “These are beautiful! There’s nothing of this quality available in our industry. What do I owe you?” My dad, sensing an opportunity replied “I don’t know, I never made one before. What are they worth?”. He told us, and a few months later we were exhibiting at our first trade show in New York.”

A few years later I had come into the business full time, and was tasked with scheduling production of the awards portion of our product line. We had begun to acquire a reputation for producing custom products, and a Distributor brought us a project for desk pen sets. Part of the project involved insetting a custom medallion in the base. Our domestic source for casting medallions could not produce them at the required price point, so my Dad asked another Distributor friend for a referral. He was given a contact in Taiwan who made coins, which was passed to me for follow up. I sent a Telex (fax machines had yet to be invented) to the Taiwanese factory owner, who gave an acceptable estimate. I sent detailed specifications and payment via Express Mail, and about 8 weeks later the medallions arrived.

My father was so impressed that he gave me the project of adding emblematic products to our line, making me proprietor of that part of the business. About 15 years later I sold the woodworking part of the business and Emblem Marketing Team or EMT was born. Our line of products has diversified and grown over the years, but we remain focused on our core products of lapel pins, medals, key tags and embroidered emblems.


The Chief Emblemologist tells his story


Tradeshow Follow Up by EMT President Steve Weinstein

Trade shows. For some a necessary chore; for others an exciting opportunity. My first trade show experience was in 1974 at the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association show in New York City. We were new in the awards business and operating on a shoe string. There were four of us sleeping in one room at the Holiday Inn. Pizza and burgers cost three times our accustomed tariff. Sticker shock lurked around every corner. How much to carry my samples from the loading dock to my 10 foot booth? You must be kidding. Over $100 for a table? And I don’t get to keep it?

Today my budgets are a little more generous, but costs have increased exponentially. Budgeting is a key first step in trade show planning. If you don’t know what you expect to spend, you can’t know if the show was successful. EMT participates in a dozen or so trade shows in one format or another annually. The one thing that has not changed is the single element most essential to make the most of the trade show investment – Follow up. Boothmanship is important, an attractive booth is helpful and product knowledge is key, but one can do a merely adequate job of presenting at a show and still achieve outstanding results if leads are properly qualified and follow up is performed religiously.

You only know you’ve found it when you know what you’re looking for

Why am I here? That’s the first answer required in the quest for qualified prospects. The Promotional Products trade is unique among industries to which I have exposure. Ours is the one transaction in which my customer, the Distributor, cannot buy anything from me until he or she has already sold it. It is useless for me to greet attendees in my booth and attempt to close a transaction. My goal is to determine what type of customers the Distributor calls on and what applications she has for the products.

How do I get to be number 1?

This initial conversation sets the agenda for all that is to follow. A #1 lead is one who has clients that use my product and has an active project for which I can make a proposal. Less urgent grades are given to others who might be prospects in the future. Potential volume also is a component of determining follow up urgency and investment of resources. Notes, notes, notes. Write down what you talked about. Especially the prospect’s’ personal interests, kids, dogs, favorite meals when traveling and anything that will maintain the connection initiated in the booth.

Hound them unmercifully until I get an order

Well, not really. But almost. Fast, cogent and consistent communication keep our booth conversation top of mind in the clutter of trade show memories. Pertinent samples, virtual presentations and quotations make me stand out in a very crowded field. I am constantly amazed when Distributors tell me that requests made at a show go unfilled for weeks or months after an event. In this case not only does the early bird get the worm, the persistent bird gets the whole meal.


EMT President Steve Weinstein gives thumbs up


EMT Selfie of the Week: Steve Weinstein, President

Attention Promotional Product Distributors: Take a Summer Selfie with An EMT Product for a Chance to Win an iPAD Mini

Simple contest guidelines:
1) Send your selfie (it must contain an EMT product to win the iPad Mini) to marketing@emteasy.com or post it on www.facebook.com/emteasy
2) Selfies will be posted to our blog and Facebook page throughout the contest. A drawing from eligible entries will be held on July 31, and we’ll announce the iPad Mini winner on Friday, August 1, 2014.

If you need a sample of an EMT product, email customercare@emteasy.com. Some examples of samples that don’t require a shipper#: Wipe It Now!, PinPointe Patches, & golf coins.

EMT’s Product Guide wins a 2014 PPAI Supplier Achievement Award

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Published on: January 20, 2014

EMT’s emblematic Product Guide took silver in the Distributor Sales & Marketing Aids category at the PPAI Expo in Las Vegas this year.

“We are honored to be recognized for our product guide,” said Steve Weinstein, President of EMT. “Our goal when designing this, was to offer a visual and tactile reference for the custom design of corporate emblems, and we’ve really accomplished our mission with this item.”

According to PPAI, the 2014 award winners exemplify what is amazing about our industry: commitment, quality, insight, and ingenuity. They represent creativity and drive, and leave an impression as strong and powerful as the message(s) they deliver.

Steve Weinstein, President of EMT, collecting a 2014 PPAI Supplier Achievement Award for EMT’s Product Guide             










EMT Won Counselor Magazine’s Distributor’s Choice Award in Jewelry, Emblems & Patches!

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Published on: January 8, 2014

At the ASI Orlando trade show, EMT received the 2014 Distributor’s Choice Award as the winner in the category Jewelry, Emblems & Patches. Thank you to all our loyal Distributors who voted for EMT

Steve Weinstein, President of EMT (left) with Tim Andrews, President of ASI.

EMT has arrived in Atlantic City, New Jersey for Expo East

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Published on: May 20, 2013


Steve Weinstein, President of EMT, at the world famous White House Sub Shop.

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