Lapel pins outlast election cyles

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Published on: February 21, 2012

Stroll through any antique shop and you will likely find political campaign lapel pins and buttons from candidates both iconic and obscure. The rich history of campaign jewelry stretches as far back as George Washington, whose supporters wore brass buttons at his inauguration reading “G.W.-Long Live the President.”

These days, lapel pins have begun to replace cheaper buttons in local and national elections thanks to their high visibility, relatively low cost and higher perceived value. Savvy campaign organizers are recognizing the value of placing their political brand on a timeless emblem, rather than a disposable one.

Lapel pins project the strength and conviction of the candidate, while recognizing the advocacy of their donors and supporters. From photographic litho pins to die struck enamel, lapel pins continue the campaign button tradition with a keener sense of beauty, and confidence in longevity.

EMT introduces Rip n’ Write response postcard

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Published on: February 16, 2012

Indianapolis, IN – EMT (asi/52263 UPIC:EMTEASY) has introduced the Rip n’ Write response postcard with detachable pen. Rip n’ Write features a full color front side imprint and a pen hidden within the perforated edge of the card, for immediate response.

“Rip n’ Write can dramatically improve lead and data collection by actively engaging the recipient on-site,” said EMT Marketing Manager, Thomas Farrell. “Whether it’s a trade show, college recruitment or contest entry, Rip n’ Write can increase response rates and offer immediate feedback. No one can ever give you the excuse ‘I don’t have a pen.’”

Rip n’ Write is compatible with United States Postal Service Business Reply Mail programs. Magnet attachments, scratch and reveal panels, and other custom options are also available.

EMT adds Medallion Plates

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Published on: February 8, 2012

Indianapolis, IN – EMT (asi/52263, UPIC: EMTEASY) is now offering their etched brass Medallion Plates with new finish and color fill options. The popular award and recognition product is now available in two-tone silver and antique finishes. Optional soft enamel colors are also available.

“Distributors have a hard time finding new award ideas for their clients,” said EMT Director of Operations, Phil Saks. “So we’re excited to offer new choices for one of our most popular award and recognition products.”

EMT’s etched brass Medallion Plates are available in 5” to 12” sizes and are packaged in a deluxe satin-lined presentation box with wood display easel.

EMT recruits new Account Manager

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Published on: February 7, 2012

Indianapolis, IN – EMT (asi/52263) has announced the hire of Account Manager, Novella Charon. Charon will serve EMT’s distributor partners in the eastern region, from Maine to Kentucky, as well as Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama.

Charon brings to EMT over 20 years of experience in the fine jewelry industry, and has already begun making an impact.

“Novella’s background has given her a leg up when it comes to EMT’s core line of lapel pins and emblematic jewelry,” said EMT Director of Operations, Phil Saks. “Our distributors rely upon knowledgeable Account Managers to help them understand their options, and Novella has proven to be a valuable resource.”

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