No more hanging by a thread

When you think of innovative promotional products, patches probably aren’t the first product that comes to mind.

Everyone is familiar with standard embroidered patches and appliques used for all types of member recognition and decoration. Then, of course, there are those dreaded cover-ups for botched direct embroidery jobs on garments and bags. Embroidered patches are versatile and economical, but there are detail and color limitations that come with embroidering thread.

For designs will small detail, photographic elements and color gradations, which can’t be duplicated with embroidery, sublimated patches have traditionally been the best alternative process. But while the graphic reproduction of sublimation is great, it can’t match the dimensional texture and perceived value of embroidery.

Well, until now.

With EMT’s new Pin Pointe Embroidery™, you get the best of both imprint processes.

How does it work?

All design elements that can be embroidered clearly are embroidered with 100% thread coverage. Small details and color gradations are then sublimated on top of thread to give the appearance of embroidery. This allows us to capture both the texture and look of embroidery, without sacrificing color gradations or small detail, including text as small as 4 point type.

The result:

Colorful, textural, detailed patches that duplicate any design and remain an economical alternative to direct embroidery.

Sometimes innovation seems so simple, you wonder why someone didn’t think of it before.

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