Testimonial: Novella Charon, Account Manager

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Published on: July 31, 2014

“Still waiting on some additional information … Just wanted to let you know Novella is great to work with. She’s always positive and full of ideas on projects. ”

Donna Cavallari

Advertising and Promotional Products

Novella Charon, Account Manager

Case Study: Embroidery Patches

Purposes: Embroidered patches come completely custom to fit the shape, size, color and detail of your company’s logo. The patches provide a classic and sturdy product for promotional purposes.

Market: Transportation, the green initiative

Objective: This patch was part of a large city’s efforts to reduce their carbon emissions, clear up the air, and reduce traffic in one of the purest parts of the county.

Strategy: The city had seen an increase in traffic and pollution over the past few years, and wanted to promote a new bicycling campaign. After increasing the amount of bike paths, officials handed embroidered patches out to bicyclist to spread support for the cause. As more of these patches showed up around the city, fewer cars did as well. After a few years, the city saw cleaner air, and the amount of daily bicyclists increased from 2.6% to 7.3%!

  • Up to 7 thread colors included
  • Choice of over 70 twill colors. Includes merrowed border
  • To determine patch size for pricing: LENGTH PLUS WIDTH DIVIDED BY 2
    (Example: 2″ x 4″ patch is figured (2 + 4) divided by 2 = 3″ size)
  • Intricate shapes, laser cut or sizes over 5”
  • Heat seal backing available.
  • Production time: 2 weeks. Rush service available


Case Study: Scroll’er Banner

Purposes: The Scroll’er Banner is a unique way for fans of any sporting event to show team spirit. Since this banner is ultra-portable and maintains its quality over a long time–it can be used several times, or even hung on windows or walls with the optional suction cups.

Market: Sports fans

Objective: Cancer Awareness

Strategy: A State University with a Division I Football team had recently lost their assistant coach to lung cancer. The team wanted to honor his name and organized a fundraiser for “The Cure,” a popular cancer charitable non-for-profit organization dedicated to finding a cure for cancer for cancer in their former coach’s name. The event was planned for a big televised game with the former assistant coach’s Alma Mater. Under each chair at the sold out event was a scroll’er banner with a picture of the coach and the phone number where donations could be made. Not only did this game raise over $34,000 to help find a cure, but it was the most viewed regular season game in the university’s history.

  • New, Scroll’er Banners are attention grabbing, lightweight and portable
  • Gray plastic handles roll out your two-sided message
  • Includes one spot color imprint on each side
  • Scroll’er banner size: 27″ (unrolled) x 9-3/8″
  • Suction cups available to mount plastic handles to windows or walls
  • Production time: 3 weeks

Selfie Submission: Dan Daddario, Get Noticed Promotions

Some ladies need bling! Sparkle and keep your keys in a safe location. Never have to dig to the bottom of your Purse again with Safe Key Pur with Bling. Email customercare@emteasy.com for a free sample with your shipper #.

Selfie Submission: Cynthia Richards, Drive Marketing

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Published on: July 25, 2014
Cynthia Richards, Drive Marketing

Selfie Submission: Nat Antman, Drive Marketing

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Published on: July 25, 2014
Nat Antman, Drive Marketing with a PitchFix AlignMee

New Product Release: Christmas Orbs from EMT!

Email customercare@emteasy.com with your shipper #, and be the early bird this year with your clients.

Click here for more information.

Ladies, give your bag some love with EMT’s heart shaped bag hanger. Email customercare@emteasy.com for a free sample.

A Bag Hanger Everyone Will Love!

Bag hangers are the perfect gift or giveaway item for groups or companies looking for both the unique and the practical. Keeps belongings close, clean and safe. Purses, briefcases or shopping bags hang clear of the floor in restaurants, offices or restrooms.

  • A modern purse accessory become decorative too! – heart shape swivels open into a functional bag hanger-hook
  • Safely hang a bag from any flat surface or hang hook end over restroom stall door!
  • When closed, wear the heart emblem around the purse strap for easy access
    and lots of compliments
  • Highly polished nickel finish
  • Includes full color epoxy dome custom imprint
  • Imprint size: 1 1/8″ x 7/8″
  • Custom imprint template here
  • Deluxe gift box packaging included
  • Holds bags up to 12 pounds
  • Production time: 8 working days
  • 5 working day rush service available

Let EMT Dress up your cellphone! Email customercare@emteasy.com for a free sample!



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