Case Study: Cellphone Cardholder and Screen Cleaner

Sturdy Silicone Holder
Multiple colors available
Perfect size for iPhones, Androids & HTC phones
Detailed company logo that doubles as a removable screen cleaner

Purposes: The cellphone creditcard holder with screen cleaner is the perfect combination of functionality and style. The design allows for easy access to your credit card and ID, while also keeping it tight and safe on your phone, while offer offering custom screen cleaner.

Market: Technology

Objective: A popular Colorado bank just opened new locations in Colorado. At a grand opening barbeque, they handed these out in order to spread the word around town that they were there to stay!

Strategy: Opening branches in a new city can cause some slow growth first few years. By handing these out to people around the city, it helped spread the word about the trustworthy bank. Not only is this a functional accessory, but it is a conversation starter. Because of this promotional product, these branches saw growth 70% faster than new branches in other parts of the state.

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