New Case Study: Red Stained Glass Effect Christmas Tree Ornament

Purposes: The red translucent stained glass effect ornament looks like an expensive, modern ornament made from stained glass, but it’s an affordable and practical gift during the holiday season. The red stained glass effect and oblong shape add originality with a modern flair. It’s ideal for branding opportunities around the holidays—including holiday parties, mailings, giveaways, employee incentive programs, and trade shows.

Market: Religious/Family Youth

Objective: To remind children and their parents who participate in the youth camps initiative about the mission during the holiday season, a very important time of year for the organization who puts on plays and also initiates several different fund drives around the holiday season. Organizers needed something affordable, personable and small enough to be mailed out to all of the families who had participated in the organization within the last five years. The unique decorative envelop offered the organization the opportunity write the names of the families. The ornaments were purchased as part of the organizations’ holiday outreach campaign fund, which outlined a goal to increase membership by 5% annually.

Strategy: Give out the ornaments in a holiday card with a pre-register promotion for the spring/summer programs.  The pre-register promotion had specific perks, and with the affordable, beautiful red oblong ornament, and handwritten envelopes, this promotion helped kick off a record year of registration for the organization. Membership increased by 7% by the end of January.

Red translucent stained glass effect ornament (#ORN-RO)
Approximately 3” tall”
8 days standard, 5 day rush with epoxy, 3 day rush without epoxy domed imprint
Unique decorative envelope option


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