New Case Study: Cinch It!

Purposes: The New Cinch It! provides a unique design that holds wires and open bag ends together like nothing before! Unlike regular zip ties, they are easily removable, while still holding wires tightly together. The owners of a college apartment complex used promotional items to help promote their housing opportunity.

Market: Education

Objective: Branding and organization on a college campus

Strategy: At multiple events at a large university, the apartment complex representatives used the New Cinch Its! to hand out to college students.The bright colors were extremely popular, and not only were samples quickly taken, company representatives noted cinch-its attached to backpacks, on door knobs, and even attached to shoe laces. The student living-complex filled up quickly for the next two years, only a month after the marketing campaign.

•    New Design for 2014!
•    Wrap Cinch-it around cord bundles or open bag ends
•    Insert pointed end through slit. Pull tight to Cinch-it!
•    Sculpted in non-toxic, flexible PVC material. 5.75″ long
•    Choice of red, green, orange or blue
•    Custom colors available to match any PMS color
•    Delivery: Pre-production sample 2-3 weeks. Full production 3 weeks after sample approval


New Case Study: Embroidered Patches

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Published on: August 29, 2014

Purposes: Embroidered patches come custom to fit the shape, size, color and detail of your company’s logo. The patches provide a classic and sturdy product for promotional purposes.

Market: College Graduates

Objective: A reputable university was interested in a classic way to promote their school and congratulate each year’s graduating class.

Strategy: For the past decade, the criminal justice school gave this patch to their graduates as a way to always show off their alma mater. The patch is simple enough to stick onto any law enforcement jacket or shirt in the future. It shows pride for their school and gives people in the area a feeling of comfort knowing the excellent school they graduated from. The patches have also promoted the school to aspiring law enforcement officers and the school’s enrollment has increased by 12% since last year.

•    Up to 7 thread colors included
•    Choice of over 70 twill colors. Includes merrowed border
•    Intricate shapes, laser cut or sizes over 5”
•    Heat seal backing available.
•    Production time: 2 weeks. Rush service available

New Case Study: Wipe it Now!

Purposes: Wipe-It NOW! Screen cleaners safely and completely clear the view screens of all mobile electronics.

Market: Software Company

Objective:  Promote their company internationally without incurring heavy shipping charges.

Strategy: A software company headquartered in the US began doing more and more international business. As a way to promote their brand to possible clients in Europe and Asia, they sent them some information about their company and included a Wipe-it Now in every envelope. Because of this gesture, their international sales increased 140%. The company even hired new employees for the international expansion.

Perfect for cell phones, mp3 and DVD players, GPS, cameras and game players
Inexpensive and always visible, the gift everyone will use!
Full color imprint on stock circle, rectangle and square shapes. Now available, a completely custom shape up to 1-1/2″ size
Adhesive microfiber material clings to device back where it is stored for quick access
Place on fingertip to clean screen completely of fingerprints, makeup residue and streaks
Reusable and washable, just rinse in water to restore self-adhesive properties

USA-Made Lanyards from EMT – 1 Week Production!

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Published on: August 28, 2014

Speed full color lanyards – versatile low-cost item perfect for almost all events, including:

Trade show and conferences
Employee ID and security access
Cell phone and electronic holders
Student ID passes
Sporting event identification
Eyeglass holders
Key straps

EMT’s 2014 Summer Outing

The venue this year was divvy in Carmel.


Everyone settled in around the long table for refreshments and appetizers.


It was a beautiful day and perfect for taking the afternoon off.

Testimonial: Account Manager, Kayla Spencer

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Published on: August 27, 2014

“My first order with EMT is for a small order of patches.  I found your firm on SAGE, and I phoned the customer service area with questions.

Kayla Spencer has been my contact person.  She listened to the needs of the project and guided me to the proper product and alternate products that your firm offers.

I’ve been in the trade since 1973.  I need to share…my feelings that Kayla is one of the best CSR individuals that I have been fortunate to work with.  Her professionalism, follow up, overall personality and attitude will undoubtedly bring quite a bit more success to your firm.

She’s a keeper.”

—Tom Hunter, Bay Custom Graphics

Kayla Spencer, Account Manager

Your EMT Ornament Guide for 2014

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Published on: August 26, 2014

Help us Spread the Word: Free EMT Pink Ribbon Lapel Pins

Case Study: New! EMT Christmas Orb Ornaments

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Published on: August 25, 2014

Purposes: The new paper maché handmade Ornament Orbs provide a customizable twist on a classic design. This design allows for two full color imprints (the same or different imprints) on each side to promote your company or event.

Market: Family

Objective: A custom event for an exclusive event at a well-known museum.

Strategy: Every year a very popular children’s museum hosts a holiday’s open house to members. The purpose of the event is to act as a fundraiser, review prospectus and to reiterate and discuss membership initiatives for the following year. On a budget, the non-for-profit museum wanted to say “Thank you” to their members in a fun creative way, without spending too much money. The Christmas Orbs featured one of the museum’s most popular exhibitions on one side. Everyone loved the orb ornaments, especially because they didn’t have to worry about their kids breaking them. The museum saw an increase in membership by 8.4%, and after the event, people called in wanting to know how to purchase the ornaments in sets.

  • The Christmas Orbs are hand made paper mache with full color imprint,
    coated in resin for a shiny finish
  • Art can be the same on both sides or two different imprints
  • They are available in two sizes, 3” and 2-1/4″
  • All come with a silver metallic cord for hanging
    Silver cord is standard. Red ribbon is $.10 more
  • Standard packaging is bulk with optional individual, sets of two, three or four also available in clear acrylic box packaging optional. QUR
  • Production time: 8-10 weeks after art approval

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