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Published on: January 29, 2015
From Left to Right: Phil Saks, Operations Director; Kayla Spencer, Account Manager; Melissa Halcomb, Account Manager; Kristy Tantillo, Marketing Manager; Orlando Burgos, Art Director, Brian Stidham, Key Accounts Manager


Case Study: Pepper Spray, .5 oz. Can with Key Ring

Purposes: Self-protection by spraying pepper spray in an assailant’s eyes/face

Market: Education

Objective: Non-Lethal self-defense for young college students after a rash of burglaries took place near the Bradley University Campus.

Strategy: After a rash of burglaries, one college had a steady stream of students dropping out and moving off campus. The burglary stint lasted for about three years; the first year or so, the campus decided to try to not publicize it, because it was such a disaster for public relations. The last couple of years, they took a very proactive stance, and began campaigns such as, “Be there: Be Aware,” and “Self-Defense Education.” Weekly student “Self-Protection” classes were created and buddy systems for students walking to and from class were initiated. As part of these campaigns, the pepper spray was handed out with the warning labels on key tags. After a solid year of promoting self-defense, not only did police eventually arrest the burglar, but the college campus began to establish a reputation for self-defense, fitness, and awareness. College enrollment increased 4.9% in the last year.


  • Non-lethal self-defense
  • Contains oleoresin capsicum from cayenne pepper
  • Irritates skin & closes eyes, temporarily disabling assailants
  • 6 ft. range: protection at a safe distance
  • 2-year shelf life
  • Retail style clam shell packaging included
  • 8 working day production; rush available
  • Key Ring

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Published on: January 26, 2015

EMT Attends Skucon

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Published on: January 21, 2015
Mark and Catherine Graham, Founders of Commonsku

We have nothing but positive feedback for Skucon! We greatly enjoyed ourselves, and learned a lot there. EMT will be in attendance next year.

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