Client Submitted Literature: Top Off PowerPoint Presentation


One of our customers created a power point presentation on Top Off! by EMT.
We hope that you are entertained by it as we were!

Silicone Bottle cap


Testimonial: Viktoria Sokolova, Account Manager

“The Guardian Angel? I absolutely love them and have been giving them out to clients in hopes to getting an order.  I’ll keep pushing them till I win one! I’ve had a very positive experience dealing with EMT and Viktoria Sokolova, Account Manager. “We deal with the Real Estate industry and we are promoting this as a “Must Have” key chain for all realtors because you never really know who you are meeting when you go to show a home and with the recent increase in realtors being attacked while showing homes, by having the guardian angel with you, you have a means of defending yourself.”

Jodie Carlson  President
Proforma Elite Texas Graphics

EMT Acount Manager, Viktoria Sokolova


Case Study: Spectraflex Coaster

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Published on: March 29, 2015

Purposes: Spectraflex® Coasters are the ideal product for anyone who wants to protect the surface of a table or desk where someone might place their beverage. Affordable, colorful, and flexible, this product has been used in promotions for restaurants, taverns, convention centers, coffee shops, casinos, and so many more. The cost, color vibrancy, and capacity for replicating small detail make this a very popular promotional product.

Market: Oil and Gas Industry

Objective: To create new product buzz and name and introduce a few new sales representatives—who would be focusing on this portion of the company’s product line at a large industry trade show.

Strategy: By the drilling and motor company’s marketing department thinking out of the box in designing this giveaway, it was hoped that the new product would be talked about and that the sales people would be considered fun and easy to talk to. The product decided on was a Spectraflex® coaster shaped into a record (for the new record breaking capabilities of the new product), and the record cover would be a playful image of the product and sales managers. By the first three days at the trade show, the company’s leads generated from the trade show tripled. Everyone seemed to be requesting one, and the playful imagery of the sales team caused a lot of conversation and speculation. After the success of the product at the trade show, it was decided that the sales team would carry the Spectraflex® Coaster/Record gift in their sales kit—many of the sales staff have remarked on what a great conversation starter the product is and how practical for meetings.

  • Brightly colored Spectraflex® coasters are flexible, durable and waterproof
  • Prices include a 2-dimensional molded imprint with a custom shape and 6 molded PVC colors
  • Free PMS color match
  • 3-D designs are available and quoted on request
  • Delivery: Pre-production sample 2-3 weeks. Full production 3 weeks after sample approval


Spectraflex Coaster: Made into a record with a record cover

Testimonial, Melissa Halcomb, Account Manager

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Published on: March 25, 2015

“The bike tool, or survivor’s tool, was a success! I’ve ordered 100 for one of my customers. We really love it. Thanks so much to Melissa Halcomb, who has been very helpful and knowledgeable throughout this process.”

-Shelley Jagow, Simple Grace Promotions

Melissa Halcomb, Account Manager

Testimonial: Novella Charon, Account Manager

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Published on: March 19, 2015

“It was Novella who came through for us.  She went above and beyond to make this happen even going through the stock and finding pieces that had been put into the wrong place.  She then shipped them out for free.  I LOVE service like that.  I have already done a review on ESP giving you five stars as well.  It is always a pleasure working with you all.

-Sally L. Back, Century Club Dealer for Kaeser & Blair. INC

Novella Charon, Account Manager

Testimonial: Viktoria Sokolova, Account Manager

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Published on: March 15, 2015

“Wow… you guys killed it! I literally sent you a rubber luggage tag, and said, I need you to replicate this. I can’t even tell them apart! From material, to imprint, etc. you guys really impressed me! The chicken on the right is the new one, the left is the original. Thank you so much.”

-Hunter Key, HPI Direct as seen

Viktoria Sokolova, Account Manager

Case Study: Silicone Cell Phone Wallet with Screen Cleaner

Purposes: Perfect for travel, a night on the town or sporting events. The Silicone Cell Phone Wallet with Screen Cleaner holds credit cards, business cards, hotel keys and provides a removable screen cleaner to clean electronic devices.

Market: Financial

Objective: To provide customers who are starting a new premium checking and/or savings account an affordable promotional product to brand the financial institution and a new online application that would allow anyone to do everything from cash checks to transfer money from a smart phone.

Strategy: A major banking institution launched a mobile application revision and also wanted to provide a gift to their premium checking and savings account members. The item needed to be small enough to fit into the introductory folder/envelope that would be handed out or mailed after a new premium account was opened. Overall, even though the bank was regularly providing new functionality to the application—such as a simplified navigation menu and to request replacement debit or credit cards, it would seem that an alarmingly low number of bank customers were taking advantage of the new phone application. After the bank began passing out the cell phone wallet with screen cleaner, the application saw a 15% increase in users just the first month.

  • Colorful silicone wallet with reusable screen cleaner fits most flat backed smart phones and clings to phone and cases for quick access
  • Stock colors include red, blue, green, yellow and black. Custom colors available.(PMS Colors: Red 185, Blue 287, Green 348, Yellow 137 and Black.)
  • Free PMS color match on orders of 1,000 up
  • Absolute minimum 300 pieces
  • Production time: 2-3 weeks




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