The first Hawaiian Shirt Friday for 2015

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Published on: May 29, 2015
The first Hawaiian Shirt Friday of the Year - 2015

Case Study: Custom Belt Buckle


Purposes: The Die Struck Belt Buckle presents a custom and very unique way to show off your brand or associationn a fashionable way. Often times, one thinks of a prized promotional item when viewing custom belt buckles.

Market:  Financial

Objective: To make employees feel valued and keep the turnover rate low.

Strategy: A large financial firm located in Boise, Idaho were able to tie overall company morale to customer satisfaction and sales. In a country where the average amount of jobs for people by the age of 50 is 11.7, the retention rate for good employees is extremely important. The firm hires hundreds of drivers to transport valuable goods and currency across the country. In order to lower the turnover rate, which in turn saves millions of dollars, the company started an employee appreciation program. Part of this program was rewarding drivers for each milestone with the company. One of the biggest rewards was a bonus and gift basket for every million miles driven. The custom belt buckle was proudly worn by employees who had a new appreciation for their jobs and felt more valued within the company. Employees were rewarded for the longevity of their employment, special projects, and other various accomplishments.


Results: While the program was relatively low cost for the company, it made employees happier, increasing productivity, and decreased the turnover rate by over 27%! This saved the company millions of dollars in training and time. The belt buckles were a huge hit among drivers, who wore them proudly, increasing the company’s name recognition.


  • Reproduce intricate designs or logos in any size or shape
  • Choose from 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional high relief
  • Custom shape at no extra charge
  • Choice of bright nickel, bright copper, black nickel, antique brass or antique copper finishes. Other finishes QUR
  • Optional soft enamel or resin enamel colorfill. Free PMS color match
  • Enhancements include personalization, numeral tabs and consecutive numbering


Testimonial: Brian Stidham, Key Accounts Manager

“We have had several dealings with Brian over the past year. I can honestly say he is one of the very best reps we deal with if not THE best.  He is knowledgeable, extremely helpful, and best of all, quick to respond. I love the fact that if I send a communication to Brian I will hear back from him quickly. I do not get that kind of service from ANYONE in the industry.  Brian is a great guy to work with and I actually look forward to sending business to him as repayment of his efforts. Hopefully there will be a lot more business coming his way. Definitely he is the first guy I will call because I know he will take care of us.”

Chuck Porter, The Augusta Group

Brian Stidham


Tradeshow Follow Up by EMT President Steve Weinstein

Trade shows. For some a necessary chore; for others an exciting opportunity. My first trade show experience was in 1974 at the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association show in New York City. We were new in the awards business and operating on a shoe string. There were four of us sleeping in one room at the Holiday Inn. Pizza and burgers cost three times our accustomed tariff. Sticker shock lurked around every corner. How much to carry my samples from the loading dock to my 10 foot booth? You must be kidding. Over $100 for a table? And I don’t get to keep it?

Today my budgets are a little more generous, but costs have increased exponentially. Budgeting is a key first step in trade show planning. If you don’t know what you expect to spend, you can’t know if the show was successful. EMT participates in a dozen or so trade shows in one format or another annually. The one thing that has not changed is the single element most essential to make the most of the trade show investment – Follow up. Boothmanship is important, an attractive booth is helpful and product knowledge is key, but one can do a merely adequate job of presenting at a show and still achieve outstanding results if leads are properly qualified and follow up is performed religiously.

You only know you’ve found it when you know what you’re looking for

Why am I here? That’s the first answer required in the quest for qualified prospects. The Promotional Products trade is unique among industries to which I have exposure. Ours is the one transaction in which my customer, the Distributor, cannot buy anything from me until he or she has already sold it. It is useless for me to greet attendees in my booth and attempt to close a transaction. My goal is to determine what type of customers the Distributor calls on and what applications she has for the products.

How do I get to be number 1?

This initial conversation sets the agenda for all that is to follow. A #1 lead is one who has clients that use my product and has an active project for which I can make a proposal. Less urgent grades are given to others who might be prospects in the future. Potential volume also is a component of determining follow up urgency and investment of resources. Notes, notes, notes. Write down what you talked about. Especially the prospect’s’ personal interests, kids, dogs, favorite meals when traveling and anything that will maintain the connection initiated in the booth.

Hound them unmercifully until I get an order

Well, not really. But almost. Fast, cogent and consistent communication keep our booth conversation top of mind in the clutter of trade show memories. Pertinent samples, virtual presentations and quotations make me stand out in a very crowded field. I am constantly amazed when Distributors tell me that requests made at a show go unfilled for weeks or months after an event. In this case not only does the early bird get the worm, the persistent bird gets the whole meal.


EMT President Steve Weinstein gives thumbs up


President of EMT and Proud Border Collie Owner: Steve Weinstein talks about his dogs, Romeo & Libby

EMT President with Border Collies, Romeo and Libby

I never had any children of my own, so my two Border Collies occupy that space my heart. The love they bring to my life and my wife Lynn’s overflows into the life of many others they touch. Romeo and Libby are Therapy Dogs. They are my therapy, waiting impatiently for me to complete my daily dialysis treatments so we can play Frisbee. They also provide invaluable therapy for hospital patients and nursing home residents around our home city of Indianapolis.

Weinstein in the summer shade with Romeo and Libby

Romeo had an amazing effect on one nursing home resident recently. The man (we’ll call him Dave) had been involved in an auto accident years ago that left him without speech and mostly paralyzed from the neck down. He had limited movement in his left arm and hand. When Lynn first brought Romeo to the home it was evident from his eyes that Dave was attracted. After watching with fascination as a couple of other residents threw the ball for Romeo Dave became agitated and obviously wished he could participate.

Lynn brought the ball to Dave, lifted his arm and placed the ball in his hand. She aided him to raise his arm, pull it back and make the throwing motion. The ball only went a few feet and Romeo scurried after it. Immediately the staff nurses began rushing around madly searching for something. Puzzled, Lynn asked one of them what was happening. “We’ve got to find a camera” she replied. “Dave has been here for over three years and this is the first time we’ve seen him smile.”

Since then as Lynn has returned to the facility Dave has grown stronger and can hold the ball and throw on his own, albeit weakly. The impact Romeo had on his life only makes me love my puppies all the more. They continue to spread love and healing wherever they go.

Today Romeo and Libby were spreading love and healing at EMT headquarters





Testimonial: Brian Stidham, Key Accounts Manager

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Published on: May 21, 2015

“Working with Brian and EMT in general has been nothing but a pleasure.  During EME, Brian provided us with product samples and current info on new and underutilized products that have proven to be great ideas for a couple of my clients already.  Additionally, immediately after EME, Brian was able to get an emergency order of magnetic hat clips turned around for me in about 3 working days.  Since EME, I have spoken with Brian twice and have received additional, valuable information to show to my clients and prospects.  EMT has a great product line and have performed beautifully for us on both domestic and overseas products.”

Greg Rosner, Sr. Brand Management Consultant, BMP


Brian Stidham, Key Accounts Manager

Brian Stidham, Key Account Manager Featured in Promo Marketing

A Strong Start in Arizona

The overprivileged intern is back!

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Published on: May 19, 2015

Steven Brinkman, also known as “EMT’s overprivileged intern” has returned for the summer. He is now a full-time college student at the Kelly School of Business at Indiana University in Bloomington, IN. Although he claims many a hardship in his college dorm (dirty bathrooms and sometimes food selection to name a few), he returned to EMT wearing: Sperry’s. Not only Sperry’s, but Sperry’s from the “Gold Cup Collection.” He described them to me this way: their finely tooled premium leather uppers are sewn by hand and lined with luxuriously soft Lambskin. Hand-burnished leathers, unique color combinations, contrasts on soles and in laces alone with distinctive details like 18K gold-plated eyelets set these boat shoes oceans apart.


How did Steven earn the nickname, “over privileged?”

He earned the nickname after making the following statements:

“O.M.G. I am so annoyed.. My coffee tastes soapy because my parents didn’t wash out my coffee cup right.” #OverPrivilegedInternQuotes

“Don’t you hate having to put a case on your perfect new iPhone because you don’t want to scratch it? Life is so hard. I mean, am I right?” #OverPrivilegedInternQuotes

“I hate when my heated floors aren’t working in the morning so my feet get cold on the natural stone tiles.” #OverPrivilegedInternQuotes

“Can you believe, in my two months as an intern here, I didn’t get business cards?!” #OverprivilegedInternQuotes

EMT's Office Summer Intern, Steven Brinkman's mother takes a picture of him before he goes to his first trade show.

We featured him in advertisement for EMT:

We almost ran an ad with this headline, "It's not the size of the package." He kept on repeating like 20x in a row, "I don't like that headline. I don't like that headline. Please change that headline."



Testimonial: Brian Stidham, EMT Key Accounts Manager

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Published on: May 18, 2015

I find Brian Stidham and EMT a great resource for all my clients.  They have a great variety of items and some which are not your typical run of the mill items either. They are easy to work with and since I am in Cincinnati and they are in Indianapolis, I find the one day shipping a value added benefit compared to some other vendors in the industry.  They are always willing to provide assistance when needed and guide you through the quoting and ordering process.”
–Crystal B., 30+ year industry veteran

Brian Stidham, Key Accounts Manager


Steve Weinstein, President of EMT & Ed Koehler, Vice-President/ Associate Publisher, ASI

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Steve Weinstein, President of EMT & Ed Koehler, Vice-President/ Associate Publisher, ASI
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