Promo Loops Included in the 2016 Oscars Gift Bag

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Published on: February 26, 2016

Indianapolis, IN- EMT, a leading supplier of emblematic jewelry, awards and promotional products, announced today that one of their most popular new products of 2016 will be included in the gift bag given to the nominees at the Academy Awards on February 28th.

The Petite Loop, from the line of Promo Loop cell phone products, was specially designed for the Academy Awards event, created with a gold-colored imprint to emulate the famous Oscar statue. The verbiage included on the Petite Loop: “We all loop in gold.”

Promo Loops(Petite Loop and the Ninja Loop)fit any mobile device and their cases and prevent unfortunate cell phone drops by securing the device around the hand or wrist. The full color sublimated imprint makes the product versatile for any company, organization, cause, or occasion. Promo Loops are lightweight but strong, and attaches securely to any mobile phone or case.

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Ninja Loop inventor Jean-Philippe Brousseau was on All In A Day to explain how his smartphone invention ended up in the Academy Awards gift bags.…/ninja-loop-goes-to-the-Oscars

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