CASE STUDY: Minnesota Vikings Ring of Honor Crest

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Published on: December 8, 2016


The Minnesota Vikings Ring of Honor recognizes Vikings legendary veteran players for their contributions to the team both on and off the field.  EMT had the extreme privilege of creating the crest that adorns this year’s blazer. These blazers were presented in the Vikings new stadium.  An article on the Vikings website features videos and shares some of the history that led these greats to this moment in time.

To the average Joe this might look like just another jacket. And really, it is. However add these gold crests, and these simple purple jackets now symbolize a lifetime of achievement. A simple piece of clothing acts not only as a tangible token of the team’s appreciation for their part in the Minnesota Vikings story, but held within each thread are the memories of two-a-day practices, and hall of fame worthy plays as well as never-ending friendships and legacies that will not soon be forgotten.

Billboards are great for a moment, a YouTube video or post on social media is good when the power is on and the Internet connection is strong, and a pen is great until the ink runs dry. However, the look on the faces of these football legends when upon receiving their new wearable trophy says more than words ever really can or will. The thought that a simple embroidered crest could encapsulate so many memories and provoke so much emotion? Ah, yes. THAT is the power of promo!

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