The Lasting Impact of Promotional Products

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Published on: March 29, 2018

We send and give out a lot of product samples. A LOT of samples. We send them off into the promotional products universe, hoping they’ll spread the word about EMT’s branding solutions, and generate memorable and meaningful sales for our customers.

But every so often–like a message in a bottle–one finds its way back to us with a story to tell.

Recently, we ran into a distributor who had one of our early Phone Loop Petite Loops on her cell phone. And after 3 long years, countless miles, and one thwarted phone snatching in Paris, this thing had taken one heck of a beating.

However, despite a few bruises, this little promo was still going strong. Talk about durability!

Examples like this show you the power that great promo products have to deliver brand messages that stand the test of time.

And of course we were happy to provide our customer with a fresh, new replacement sample, and send this grizzled promo into a well-deserved retirement.


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