What is a Challenge Coin?

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Published on: September 1, 2017

EMT produces thousands upon thousands of challenge coins each year. However, it wasn’t until two nights ago while watching an episode of Wahlburgers (and becoming increasingly hungry while doing so!) that I realized many people may not even know what a challenge coin is.

An article by Mental Floss titled, “A Brief History of Challenge Coins” does an excellent job of discussing both the origin and evolution of challenge coins throughout time. Having been brought into existence by military organizations, the challenge coin has remained a way for different organizations to show their dedication to their members, and also a means by which those members to show their dedication to and pride for the organization and their specific rank within it.  Different coins signify different things. Often times the meaning of a specific coin is secretive and sometimes even unknown to lower ranking group members.

Aside from military organizations, challenge coins also play a large role in the gaming and souvenier industries.  These coins are usually very budget friendly to produce, but carry a high perceived value for gifiting or resale. Challenge coins are easy to transport and offer a unique way to display a logo and or message through a variety of different imprint methods.

Though typically 1 1/2″ to 2″ in size, challenge coins can be cast in all shapes and sizes.  In addition to the coin itself, there are a variety of options available to both protect and display challenge coins. These cases and stands add only a minimal additional cost to the item itself, while ensuring that the coin will retain both its finish and value for years to come.

Are you interested in discussing ways that a challenge coin could enhance your next recogition opportunity? If so, let’s connect!  To learn more, simply email ccustomercare@emteasy.com with the subject line: Requesting assistance with challenge coins, and someone will connect with you right away.


Take the EMT Speed Challenge: Coins, Medals and Dog Tags!

Production time for Challenge Coins and Medals: 8 Working Days!
Production time for Dog Tags: 5 Working Days!


Coins, Medals and Dog Tags in 8 working days or less! Email customercare@emteasy.com for a free sample with shipper #!

Speed Coins, Medals and Dog Tags!

EMT Speed Medals in Eight Working Days or Less! Low 50 piece minimum.

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Published on: January 27, 2014


Speed Challenge Coins, Medals and Dog Tags in 8 days or less!


Custom Emblems in as Little as 5 Working Days from EMT!

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Published on: July 11, 2013

Custom Speed Coins

•  8 working day delivery with 5 working day rush service available

•  Die-cast, two-sided with antique brass finish with a choice of traditional wreath or versatile border

•  Coin size:  1 ¾” with choice of the full color image with epoxy dome being the same or different on each side

•  Border must remain the same on each side

Custom Speed Medals

•  8 working day delivery with 5 working day rush service available

•  Die-cast wreath border with choice of antique brass, silver or copper finish

•  Metal size: 1 ¾” includes a full color image with epoxy dome on one side

•  Red, white and blue ribbon attachments are available for purchase

Custom Speed Dog Tags

•   5 working day delivery

•   Four color process with custom imprint on one side

•   Dog tag size: 1 ¾” x 1 1/16″

•   Includes 30″ bead chain

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