Testimonial: Novella Charon, Account Manager

“The customer was delighted with the item. They had not done a divot tool in the past, and their customers liked them as well – all around  positive experience working with Novella Charon at EMT. You will hear from me again on other projects I am working on!”

–Jim Santangelo, Pin High Products

New Testimonial: Novella Charon, Account Manager


EMT Award Rings: They know you recognize their achievements, now everyone else can too…

Huge Perceived Value at a Price
That Anyone can Afford

Perfect for team-building, corporate meetings, awards, fraternal organizations, schools and youth groups
Five stock bezels to recognize excellence
Ring Plating Finishes:
Antique brass finish – standard
Bright Silver finish – $1.00
Bright Gold finish – $2.00
Antique Silver finish – $2.00
Available sizes: 5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 10, 11, 12
Die struck soft enamel center:
Four week production
Full color poly poly dome center:
Eight working day production
Production time for optional finishes 4 weeks

Attention Early Birds: EMT Offers Stocking Stuffer Ideas. Email customercare@emteasy.com for a free sample with your shipper #.

Case Study: Cellphone Cardholder and Screen Cleaner

Sturdy Silicone Holder
Multiple colors available
Perfect size for iPhones, Androids & HTC phones
Detailed company logo that doubles as a removable screen cleaner

Purposes: The cellphone creditcard holder with screen cleaner is the perfect combination of functionality and style. The design allows for easy access to your credit card and ID, while also keeping it tight and safe on your phone, while offer offering custom screen cleaner.

Market: Technology

Objective: A popular Colorado bank just opened new locations in Colorado. At a grand opening barbeque, they handed these out in order to spread the word around town that they were there to stay!

Strategy: Opening branches in a new city can cause some slow growth first few years. By handing these out to people around the city, it helped spread the word about the trustworthy bank. Not only is this a functional accessory, but it is a conversation starter. Because of this promotional product, these branches saw growth 70% faster than new branches in other parts of the state.

EMT Case Study: Silicone Cell Phone Wallet with Stand (Kick Stand)

Purposes: Perfect for travel, a night on the town or sporting events. The Silicone Cell Phone Wallet with Stand (Kick Stand) holds credit cards, business cards, hotel keys and more in landscape or Portrait perspective.

Market: Financial

Objective: To provide customers who are starting a new premium checking and/or savings account an affordable promotional product to brand the financial institution and a new online application that would allow anyone to do everything from cash checks to transfer money from a smart phone.

Strategy: A major banking institution launched a mobile application revision and also wanted to provide a gift to their premium checking and savings account members. The item needed to be small enough to fit into the introductory folder/envelope that would be handed out or mailed after a new premium account was opened. Overall, even though the bank was regularly providing new functionality to the application—such as simplified navigation menu and request replacement debit or credit cards, it would seem that an alarmingly number of bank customers were taking advantage of the new phone application. Just one month after the bank began passing out the cell phone wallet with kick stand, the application saw an 15% increase in users just the first month. In addition to this, the colorful stand is also very practical and the imprint very noticeable.

  • Landscape or Portrait viewing with kickstand
  • Portable stand  can be used on any flat surface and easily
  • Production time: 3 weeks
  • Securely holds up to 3 credit cards, a drivers’ license or business cards
  • Stock colors include pink, light blue, white and black. Custom colors available.

Selfie Submission: Jodi owner of Frank Communication Solutions, LLC

Selfie Facts: There’s a new application that will take 15 lbs off your selfies.

Heads up: A new smart phone app that takes 15 lbs off.

Don’t forget about EMT’s New Selfie Program. Take a picture of yourself with an EMT product* and post it to EMT’s Facebook Page, or email marketing@emteasy.com to enter. 1st place price is a iPAD mini.

*If you don’t have an EMT product handy, and you are a promotional products distributor, email me your name, company name and address, and I’ll mail you a sample.

For more information, click here.


Marketing Manager, Kristy Tantillo with the new iPAD mini prize

EMT Selfie Submission: David Kennealey, BrandHero promotions, inc., Independent Sales Representative

David Kennealey, Independent Sales Representative

EMT Case Study: Speed Medals

Purposes:   Die Cast Speed Medals are produced in just 8 working days or less and offer recipients a memento of achievement that will last for years to come. They come with an optional red, white and blue attachment.

: Public Service Academy

Objective:  One state academy wanted to offer medals for the respective 1st, 2nd, and 3rd winners in a Forensic Science Competition. The Forensic Science Competition, for middle and high school students, provides forensic science teams the opportunity to showcase their investigation, analytical and presentation skills. Award winners also receive recommendations and scholarship funding.

Strategy: This is a Forensic Science program, which combines science and law to provide students with the opportunity to develop skills in both fields through the application of crime scene analysis, evidence gathering, critical thinking, and communication and presentation skills. Students are able to engage in practical experience of applying the law and science to a real life scenario. In addition, this program allows the academy to pull out top scorers and students more inclined to advance in forensic studies.

  • Die-cast wreath border on two sides
  • Choice of antique brass, antique silver or antique copper finish
  • Includes full color image with epoxy dome on both sides Medal size: 1-3/4″. Image size 1-7/16″.
  • Optional red, white and blue ribbon attachment available

    Speed Medals
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