What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You!

The 2004 data from the National Crime Prevention Council estimates that there are 21.1 violent crime incidents per 1,000 people and 4.3 assault incidents per 1,000 people in the United States each year. With the proper preparedness and protection, however, many of these crimes can be prevented!

What does preparedness look like? After being aware of your surroundings, preparedness means having items on hand that are easily accessible in the event of an attack. EMT has a full line of personal protection products to help assist with preparedness. While our products can’t guarantee your safety, having personal protection items ready in the event of an emergency can significantly improve your chances of overcoming an assault.

Let’s take a look at the products we offer so you can see which might be a good fit for your client’s needs:

Item #PS750 – .5 oz Pepper Spray


    Pepper Spray is Non-lethal self-defense that contains oleoresin capsicum from cayenne pepper. It irritates skin & closes eyes, temporarily disabling assailants. This product has a 6 ft range with provides protection at a safe distance and 2-year shelf life.  Also available is our item #PS751, which is .5 oz Pepper Spray on a key ring, and our #PS1056 which is Pepper Spray concealed in a lip stick container. This item provides both safety and style!

    382 646


Item #GA-P-W, #GA-P-B, and #GA-L-B – Guardian Angel Key Ring


The Guardian Angel Keyring comes in black or white with two different imprint methods available, thus the different item numbers.  This is an intuitive, non-lethal self-protection device that is to be used at close range and concentrates striking force to deter attackers.  It’s contoured to fit most hands, has a convenient key ring attachment, and is made of rigid ABS plastic.

Finally, EMT offers you three different stun gun options.

The first is item #SG-328. This is a form of Non-Lethal Self Defense in a pink lipstick style case.  It includes a charger and delivers a low amperage, high voltage shock to disables assailant.  


We also offer item #SG-105 and #SG-800. These items deliver a slightly higher output and both include a charger and carrying case.

388 642

Please note that stun guns are not legal/cannot be shipped to Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Wisconsin and the following cities: Annapolis, MD, Baltimore, MD, Baltimore County, MD, District of Columbia and Philadelphia, PA.

At the end of the day, only you and you customer can determine which personal protection items are right for them and their brand.  When you decide to move forward in doing so, keep EMT in mind. We make branding personal protection items easy!

For more information and resources on crime prevention in general, visit www.ncpc.org and for more information on the products featured in this post, or additional branded products available through EMT, visit www.emteasy.com.



Testimonial: Viktoria Sokolova, Account Manager

“The Guardian Angel? I absolutely love them and have been giving them out to clients in hopes to getting an order.  I’ll keep pushing them till I win one! I’ve had a very positive experience dealing with EMT and Viktoria Sokolova, Account Manager. “We deal with the Real Estate industry and we are promoting this as a “Must Have” key chain for all realtors because you never really know who you are meeting when you go to show a home and with the recent increase in realtors being attacked while showing homes, by having the guardian angel with you, you have a means of defending yourself.”

Jodie Carlson  President
Proforma Elite Texas Graphics

EMT Acount Manager, Viktoria Sokolova


Case Study: Guardian Angel

Purposes: Intuitive, Non-Lethal Self-Protection Device

Market: Self-Defense/Awareness Education

Objective: Providing a self-protection device that not only makes the carrier feel more secure, but also, makes them very aware of their surroundings. Something that is practical and unique enough that self-defense students wouldn’t mind carrying on a day-to-day basis.

Strategy: A community service organization that works in collaboration with a growing national network of public safety departments, colleges, universities, public schools, emergency management agencies, faith-based organizations and in the civic and corporate sectors wanted to provide their students a non-lethal, legal device for self-defense. The device would have to be practical, so that the students would naturally carry it with them everywhere, and the school would provide training. The Guardian Angel on a Key Ring was selected for design, practicality, cost and originality. The first batch of guardian angels were given explicitly to new registers for the self-defense classes, but the guardian angels were such a success, the school began offering them to all new attendees, and also mailed them out to existing members of the organization for the holidays one year. The organization continues to grow at a 10-25% rate each quarter, and the guardian angel is the perfect device to carry around and showcase their logo and association, because it is such a unique product, and the design is exclusive to EMT.


  • Contoured to fit most hands
  • Convenient key ring attachment
  • Rigid ABS Plastic
  • Two colors in stock: Angel White (PMS 7499) and Guardian Black
  • Large full color imprint with poly dome (1 1/2″ x 1″)
  • Bulk packaging
  • 6 working day production



New Guardian Angel from EMT. Email customercare@emteasy.com for a free sample with your shipper #.

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