Case Study: Wine Bottle Stopper

Purpose: The bottle stopper makes for a fun promotional gift that anyone can use. Place the stopper in any open beverage bottle to preserve freshness and promote your company.

Market: Beverage products

Objective: To increase sales and customer satisfaction

Strategy: As a part of their 50th anniversary celebration, a local Oregon winery decided to host a wine tasting event. They wanted their customers to have something special as reminder of their brand long after the wine was gone. To accomplish this, every person who bought a bottle of wine received a free bottle stopper.

Results: The celebration went off without a hitch with nearly 800 people in attendance. Customers enjoyed the bottle stopper and were reminded of the winery when they used it. This was seen in an 8% increase in sales over the next few months as well as an expansion in social media interest.


>       Rubber stopper insert fits most wine and other beverage bottles

>       Unique, die cast sculpted swirl design flows into a full color epoxy dome imprint

>       Deluxe black, two-piece gift box packaging included

>       Highly polished nickel finish with 7/8” round imprint

>       Production time: 6 Working days. 4 working day rush service available

Wine Bottle Stopper

Say it with Spectraflex®

Spectraflex® non-toxic PVC…colorful, durable, flexible, and a custom shape at no extra charge!

  • Brightly colored Spectraflex® auto air fresheners with amazing small detail reproduction
  • Delivery: Pre-production sample 2-3 weeks. Full production 3 weeks after sample approval

Waste Not. Want Not. Beverage Products from EMT

Beverage Products from EMT:

Liquid Pourers
Bottle Stoppers
Spectraflex® Top-Off

Say it with Spectraflex®, soft, non-toxic PVC Flexible. Colorful. Durable.

Lapel Pins  & Zipper Pulls

Key Tags, Medals & Magnets

Luggage Tags


Dog Tags

Auto Air Fresheners

Bottle Openers


Molded, touchable designs
Amazing small detail reproduction
Durable and creative products for every home, school, office, auto & personal use
2-dimensional or 3-dimensional design with up to 6 non-toxic PVC colors


Pick your Favorite Shape: EMT Stock Bottle Openers

Six unique shapes to choose from – all with full color epoxy dome imprint and attached key ring.

#BOL115 – Economy opener with full color epoxy dome imprint.
Bright nickel finish with internal bottle opener.
Includes split key ring attachment. Imprint size: 1″ round

#BOL120 – Die cast key ring with reverse side bottle opener.
Includes full color epoxy dome imprint (size: 7/8″ round).
Matte nickel finish. Includes split key ring attachment

#BOL150 – Die struck dog tag with internal bottle opener.
Full color epoxy dome imprint 3/4″ round.
Antique brass finish. Includes split ring attachment

#BOL160 – Sleek and modern, the 5 0’clock opener mimics the look of an
expensive watch with your logo as the watch face. Die cast in zinc alloy with durable nickel plating and full color logo imprint

#BOL170 – Retro, handmade appearance in a durable, die cast bottle
opener with handy hook and full color logo imprint. Rich, antique brass finish carries
a high perceived value at an affordable price

Production time on all of the above: 8 working days
5 working day rush service available. QUR

EMT New Product Release: Spectraflex® Top-Off™ Bottle Caps


June 17, 2014
9:00am Eastern Daylight Time

Indianapolis, IN- EMT, the 2014 Distributor’s Choice for Jewelry, Emblems & Patches announced today a new addition to their hospitality line: Spectraflex® Top-Off Bottle Caps, made from soft and flexible silicone.

The Brightly-colored SpectraFlex® bottle caps are flexible, durable and waterproof and designed to help keep beverages fresh. They are safe to be washed in a dishwasher and the price will include a silk screened one color imprint with a no charge PMS color match.

“We are really excited about adding these PVC colorful bottle caps to our hospitality line,” said Kristy Tantillo, Marketing Manager. “Many of our distributor partners have requested products that behoove all marketing budgets—even the most modest. EMT President, Steve Weinstein puts a lot of time and research into product development after soliciting feedback throughout the year.”

Top-Off™ bottle caps come in standard product colors: PMS 361 Green, PMS 199 Red, PMS 287 Blue and PMS 1505 Orange, but custom product colors are available. Delivery: Pre-production sample 2-3 weeks and full production is three weeks after sample approval.

About EMT

EMT is a supplier of emblematic and other promotional products. For more information, visit or contact Kristy Tantillo at (317) 803-2400. A copy of EMT’s catalog can be downloaded from the same website, or contact EMT by email or phone for a hard copy.

Spectraflex® Top-Off™ Bottle Caps

EMT New Product Release: Spectraflex® Top-Off Bottle Caps

Spectraflex® non-toxic PVC….colorful,
durable and flexible bottle caps!

  • Brightly colored SpectraFlex® bottle caps are flexible, durable and waterproof
  • Designed to help keep beverages fresh
  • Dishwasher safe and reusable
  • Prices include a silk screened one color imprint
  • Imprint PMS color match at no charge
  • Standard product colors – PMS 361 Green, PMS 199 Red, PMS 287 Blue and
    PMS 1505 Orange; Custom product colors QUR
  • Delivery: Pre-production sample 2-3 weeks
    Full production 3 weeks after sample approval

Case Study: Liquid Pourers

Purposes:  Liquid Pourers prevent over-pouring spills with their streamlined tapered chrome spout. They offer large branding areas in the shape of a circle or an oval and come in an elegant decorative box—making them fun and stylish. They’ve been used for grand-openings of restaurants, hotels, and bars, in cooking videos and television shows, and to distribute at any spirits events.

: Hospitality

Objective:  At one chain restaurant’s grand location opening, owners were looking for a way to brand their new signature cocktail list to patrons dining in the bar area.  The signature cocktails were expected to raise sales by an 45%. In addition, on the menu many of the dinners were paired with recommended signature cocktails that were named to compliment the restaurant bar’s theme.

Strategy: The restaurant placed Liquid Pourers on every liquor bottle on the signature cocktail’s respective main spirit ingredient. One of the most profitable parts of any eatery is drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, with profit percentages frequently as high as a 700% markup. Drink sales are known to be critical for a restaurant’s success, and many establishments will not open without a liquor license. The opening night bar revenues were up 200%.

  • Metallic chrome finish
  • Rubber base insert fits most wine and other beverage bottles
  • Approximately 4” tall
  • Includes custom full color imprint with epoxy dome
  • Imprint area: 1 1/4″ circular-shaped or 1 ½” x 15/16” for the oval-shaped
  • Low 50 piece minimum order

    EMT Liquor Pourers: Round or Oval Shapped

Only at EMT: Elegant Bottle Stoppers

Unique, die cast sculpted swirl design flows into a full color epoxy dome imprint
Highly polished nickel finish
Rubber stopper insert fits most wine and other beverage bottles
Imprint size: 7/8″ round. Custom imprint template here.
Deluxe black, two-piece gift box packaging included
Production time: 8 working day standard
5 working day rush service available

Product Showcase: EMT Bottle Stopper

Product Showcase: EMT Botttle Stopper
by Katherine (Kally) Musser

Kally Musser, EMT Customer Care Coordinator

Finishing up my last year as a full-time student at IUPUI, I am new to the promotional products industry. Working as the Customer Care Coordinator for EMT, I primarily work with Sample Requests and Follow-Ups, which involves interacting with customers primarily via Email or over the phone. I love interacting with customers from all around the United States, and occasionally around the world. Not only are our products used all over the place, they are also used for a myriad of reasons – from massive, corporate functions to small, education-related events. Lately, the Hospitality Line of products from EMT, including items such as the Full Color Imprint Bottle Stoppers, Custom Bottle Openers, etc., have been wildly popular – and I have to admit; the buzz from customers about these products has been contagious.

The last few weeks I have been finalizing plans for my wedding this summer. Almost everything has been planned out, but there still seem to be a million details left to take care of – one being the wedding favors for our guests! I checked out all kinds of wedding favors, but could not make up my mind. I was working one morning and BAM – it hit me – a customized bottle stopper would be perfect! They are simple, but high-quality; fun and unique, but actually practical. Bottle Stoppers are something I think our wedding guests will enjoy and actually be able to use

The full-color imprint on top of the Bottle Stopper was personalized with the initial of my future last name and the date of the wedding. The scroll of the initial turned out elegant and beautiful.

The bottle stoppers come in deluxe packaging, so they are ready to go. All that will have to be done to them is setting them out on a table to be presented to our guests.

In terms of cost-effectiveness bottle stoppers are budget-friendly, which, as college students, is of course a top priority.

Last but not least, I really cannot stress the quality of the bottle stoppers enough! They are made of a heavy metal, so not only do they look nice, they FEEL like a high-quality item.

(Wedding Images to Come)


EMT Bottle Stopper
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