Case Study: EMT Bicycle Bells

Purposes: The Bike bell is a traditional twist on today’s events. They are perfect for a variety of events including: Healthcare and wellness, eco-friendly initiatives, bicycle enthusiast groups, child safety groups, awareness and cause races, triathlons, 5K’s, tourism and travel promotion, corporate challenge events, school and youth groups, sporting goods retailers, fundraisers.

Market: Travel Agency

Objective: The travel company was hosting an event to promote their new “Moving Forward” initiative and wanted a way to promote it and thank the people who attended.

Strategy:  Part of this event was a scenic bike path, which ended up being a huge hit. Everyone who participated received a bike bell with the company’s logo on it. Knowing people would keep these on their bikes into the future, it helped promote their company for months to come. After the event, the company had more referrals because of the bike bells, and also started getting 25% more business than the year before.

  • A unique and low-cost item appealing to a wide-variety of clients promoting athletic events, wellness or eco-friendly initiatives
  • Low 100 piece minimum order quantity
  • Quick 8-day production time
  • An economical, practical and fun promotional tool
Bicycle Bell

Fang-tastic Bicycle Accessories

Pick your favorite bicycle accessory.

Selfie Submission: Jodi owner of Frank Communication Solutions, LLC

EMT Selfie Submission: David Kennealey, BrandHero promotions, inc., Independent Sales Representative

David Kennealey, Independent Sales Representative

EMT Selfie Submission: Gwen Kelly, Customer Relations Manager with a Bicycle LED Light

EMT Bicycle Accessories for Bike to Work Week, 5/12-5/16

The gift every cyclist will use!

A perfect gift for the commuting cyclist, bike enthusiasts, bike clubs and teams, bike retailers, eco-friendly organizations, schools and special event giveaways.

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Case Study: Bicycle Seat Cover

EMT Case Study: Bicycle Seat Covers
•    Flexible fit, long wearing nylon material with elastic band
•    Protects from inclement weather, dust and sun-fading
•    Easy to store in any bike storage bag
•    Extra-large imprint area: approximately 8″ long by 6″ wide
Purposes: Personalized, affordable, wearable promotional product with a very fast production time

Market: Financial Services

Objective:  Brand Awareness, participation in the community and events, to build a strong community presence synonymous with good values, health, and youth.

Strategy: A new bank was moving into the suburb of a very young. urban city. They took the opportunity to both sponsor bike week, and to pass out these bicycle seat covers on their grand opening, which just so happened to coincide with the first day of bike week. These seats were a big hit, and with the huge imprint area of the seat cover and the duration of time of the event (well over a week), the bank really branded itself well within the community during their first week.

Whatever you choose to ride, EMT has your bicycle accessories covered…

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