“It took me seventeen years to get three thousand hits in baseball. It took one afternoon on the golf course.” – Hank Aaron

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Published on: October 24, 2017

“It took me seventeen years to get three thousand hits in baseball. It took one afternoon on the golf course.” – Hank Aaron

Whether your golf game resembles Hank Aaron’s experience as above, or PGA superstar Rory McIlroy’s, one thing remains the same: Quality tools are a must!

In the world of promotions, not all products are created equal.  From the products themselves to the domes we use for decoration, you can market and sell our golf products with absolute confidence!

After balls and tees, one essential on the course is a golf ball marker. We have a number of options available ranging from a standard ball marker to a hat clip and money clip, and even a hat-clip ball marker option with built-in bottle opener.

Like our other golf products, these feature high-quality, full color dome imprint making these fun to hand out and easy to find.

Another golf course essential is the divot repair tool.  One of the most popular lines we carry are the professional grade, retail product PitchFix.   In addition to the original PitchFix line, we recently added the PitchFix 2.0 which features a magnetic base to hold included removable ball marker, 2-sided imprint, spring action, and five options for handle colors.  In addition to being an incredible product on its own, we also offer a number of different kitting and packaging options (shown below) for gift giving, retail displays, or awards presentations.


Maybe you’re saying, “The PitchFix is incredible, but I don’t have the budget for it at this time”  We understand. While the PitchFix product line is definitely something to be desired, we have divot repair tools and golf items to fit almost every budget.  Click here to browse our entire line of golf items, and then email customer service to schedule a time to discuss putting together a program that will best suit your needs.  We’re confident that with our help, your next golf event will be one of your very best.  Why? Because at EMT we make golf promotions EASY!


Testimonial: Novella Charon, Account Manager

“The customer was delighted with the item. They had not done a divot tool in the past, and their customers liked them as well – all around  positive experience working with Novella Charon at EMT. You will hear from me again on other projects I am working on!”

–Jim Santangelo, Pin High Products

New Testimonial: Novella Charon, Account Manager


Case Study: PitchFix AlignMee

Purposes: The PitchFix AlignMee is a fun tool to help align your putt, while also promoting your business with a large 1.5” imprint area! The AlignMee can be used by practically any industry that works with golf and for any age group.

Market: Technology

Objective: To increase corporate reputation by making people associate their company with a good cause and increase awareness for a current cause.

Strategy: After hearing about a spontaneous golf outing to raise money for disaster relief in Nepal, the large technology company located outside San Francisco wanted to help donate money to the cause, and help out with the event. They donated the PitchFix AlignMee to provide a fun useful tool for all the golfers who participated. People loved using the tool and continued to use it into the future.

Results: Not only did the event help raise over $43,000 for disaster relief, but local companies started to associate the brand with good values. They saw a quick spike in sales, and were acknowledged by the local news for all of their help.

  • Carabineer hook easily attaches to golf bag or belt loop
  • Integrated permanent marker for marking the ball
  • Full color customized cover
  • ABS with touchable rubberized coating
  • Production time: 6 working days. 4 working day rush service available, QUR



PitchFix AlignMee

Testimonial: Novella Charon, Account Manager

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Published on: February 17, 2015

Our Client was very pleased with the Pitchfix Divot Tools!  We appreciate the partnership we have with EMT.  They provide excellent customer service.  Novella made the process seamless – everything ran smoothly and according to plan.   EMT is a great source for all of our golf product needs.”


Novella Charon, Account Manager

Clip it. Fix It. Every Golfer Needs One.

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Published on: September 22, 2014

It’s not just another cheesy e-blast..

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Published on: September 17, 2014

Click here

Case Study: PitchFix® Hybrid

Case Study:  PitchFix® Hybrid

Purposes: The PitchFix® Hybrid is the best golf divot tool on the market. Not only does it come in 19 colorful hues, it’s affordable, light-weight, and has switchblade functionality. A golf divot tool is used for repairing your ball mark on the green—also known as pitch mark. With PitchFix® Hybrid: Simply press the button and the fork will release itself from the handle—like a switchblade. When you’re done repairing your pitch mark just press the button once more and fold the fork back into the handle.

Market: Spirits

Objective: A successful global beer company chose to donate PitchFix® Hybrid Gift Sets to registered golf players for a golf tournament that was held each year to raise funds for heart disease. Registration and sponsorship opportunities were available—in addition, companies could donate branded golf accessories to golf tournament participants.

Strategy: The Heart Disease Foundation was selected by the world renowned beer company, because, “it’s a great foundation—not because studies claim that their dry stout beer can actually be beneficial to the heart.” Researchers found that “antioxidant compounds in the beer, similar to those found in certain fruits and vegetables, are responsible for the health benefits because they slow down the deposit of harmful cholesterol on the artery walls.” This branding opportunity allowed the beer manufacturer to raise awareness about heart disease, indirectly associate their brand name with the cause, and do something valuable in the community. The next month, the company’s website experienced a 22.3% increase in traffic.

  • Features
    • Available in 19 Color combinations
    • Switchblade function
    • Removable Ball Marker
    • Light Weight
    • Soft Touch


How do you fix Pitch Marks on the golf course?

Stop Puttering Around. You need these two golf products from EMT.

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Published on: August 21, 2014

Improve your putting Game
with this Handy New Tool!

Carbine hook easily attaches to golf bag or belt loop
Colors available: grey/black; gunmetal/red; gunmetal/indigo; gunmetal/green;
gunmetal/light-blue; gunmetal/orange.
Integrated permanent marker for marking the ball
Full color customized cover
ABS with touchable rubberized coating
Production time: 6 working days
4 working day rush service available, QUR

Keepsake Coins with Style and Substance!

Two-sided coin with custom ball marker and colorful putt alignment tool:

3D stock golf ball design holds magnetized ball marker with full color epoxy dome imprint
Useful putt alignment tool with resin enamel colorfill on the reverse side
Matte nickel finish includes choice of red, blue or green resin enamel colorfill on reverse
Antique brass finish includes black resin enamel colorfill on reverse
Coin size: 1-1/2″ round. Ball marker size: 7/8″ round
Fast 8 working day production
5 working day rush service available


Case Study: PitchFix® Hat Clip

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Published on: August 15, 2014

Purposes: Colorful, practical, and unique, PitchFix’s® new hat clips are an affordable promotional product. It’s the ideal product for any golfer, golf tournament participant, or corporate event.

Market: Fast Food Restaurant Chain hosts a three-day golf and resort experience including A-list entertainment and PGA player appearances, and culminates in a competitive round featuring  professional head coaches and celebrities vying for a scholarship purse of over $500,000.

Objective: To raise brand awareness with a practical promotional product that the cameras would capture frequently throughout the event.  The additional proceeds from the event benefit other charities created by the fast food restaurant chain.

Strategy: By handing out this colorful, modern and practical gift to golfers, not only would the cameras gravitate towards the faces and heads of golfers, but the branding would be very subtle. Although the branding initiative was very difficult to track, website hits did spike to a 20% increase in traffic. In addition, overall revenue for the fast food chain went up 11% in the quarter that the golf tournament was held.

•    Titanium treated stainless steel
•    Anti-Scratch and Anti-Rust
•    Rubberized ABS top
•    Comes with a personalized removable ball marker
•    Available in 10 colors

PitchFix Hat Clip


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