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EMT Case Study: EMT Silicone Bracelets

Purposes: Soft, colorful, decorative and recognizable silicone bracelets worn for awareness and compassion. Pick a color or cause, these bracelets solidify your commitment to it.

Market: Non-for-Profit

Objective: To draw attention to a specific cause. Each bracelet was sold for a $ amount and 100% of proceeds went to fund the child abuse cause at charity auction.

Strategy: The bracelets were worn to introduce people to the cause, the mission, and the foundation that members were trying to promote.   Over $18,000 was raised with just a $2,400 investment in wrist bands.

•             Extremely affordable

•             Colorful, bright and soft silicone makes this product very comfortable to wear

•             Fashionable and popular

•             Light and easy to package and transport to and from events

Silicone Bracelets

Be Aware: EMT’s Awareness Products

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EMT Awareness Products: Compassion, Kindness and Quality

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