Testimonial: Lisa Pabst, Office Manager

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Published on: October 9, 2015

“I worked with Lisa Pabst. She was great. She answered my questions, which lead me to pick a different bigger clip. I don’t mind if you use my feedback in your blog. As I said, I am sure my customer will be ordering again. They were a big hit for the tournament. I am sure this will be a yearly purchase for the fund raiser.”

–Candi Bussiere, Moca Creations


Lisa Pabst, Office Manager

Testimonial: Novella Charon, Account Manager

“The customer was delighted with the item. They had not done a divot tool in the past, and their customers liked them as well – all around  positive experience working with Novella Charon at EMT. You will hear from me again on other projects I am working on!”

–Jim Santangelo, Pin High Products

New Testimonial: Novella Charon, Account Manager


Testimonial: Novella Charon, Account Manager

“Novella, I wanted to let you know we received the key chains in yesterday and we couldn’t be more happy with them! We are super confident our customer will absolutely LOVE them! Thanks for everything. We hope to do business with you again in the near future.”

–Jaclyn Sweet, Barrington Printing

Novella Charon, Account Manager


Tales of the Over-Privileged Intern’s Life

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Published on: July 8, 2015

The over-privileged intern’s mom sent him an email, and he shared it with us.

What would you like to have today, Steven?


Here are your choices:


Turkey or Ham sandwich

Grilled chicken breast

Grilled hot dogs

Grilled hamburgers

Mexican lasagna – what we had last night



Please let me know so I can have it ready for you.


Love,   Mom

Steven, the Over-Privileged Intern, as we like to call him, is a constant comedy relief for EMT Office Staff. This kid is very funny. Watch out, he's going places.

My Start in the Emblematic Jewelry Business by Steve Weinstein

When I was in High School, my family business was a small struggling woodworking factory. We made ornate cabinets and cornices in the style of Louis XIV and a line of inlaid serving trays. It was a difficult market with slow growth, large inventory and high marketing costs. One day a family friend and local Distributor came to the factory. He had a need for some award plaques that his Supplier could not meet and asked my father if we could make them. “If it’s made of wood we can make it” was my father’s proud reply.

The next day the Distributor returned to pick up his order. “These are beautiful! There’s nothing of this quality available in our industry. What do I owe you?” My dad, sensing an opportunity replied “I don’t know, I never made one before. What are they worth?”. He told us, and a few months later we were exhibiting at our first trade show in New York.”

A few years later I had come into the business full time, and was tasked with scheduling production of the awards portion of our product line. We had begun to acquire a reputation for producing custom products, and a Distributor brought us a project for desk pen sets. Part of the project involved insetting a custom medallion in the base. Our domestic source for casting medallions could not produce them at the required price point, so my Dad asked another Distributor friend for a referral. He was given a contact in Taiwan who made coins, which was passed to me for follow up. I sent a Telex (fax machines had yet to be invented) to the Taiwanese factory owner, who gave an acceptable estimate. I sent detailed specifications and payment via Express Mail, and about 8 weeks later the medallions arrived.

My father was so impressed that he gave me the project of adding emblematic products to our line, making me proprietor of that part of the business. About 15 years later I sold the woodworking part of the business and Emblem Marketing Team or EMT was born. Our line of products has diversified and grown over the years, but we remain focused on our core products of lapel pins, medals, key tags and embroidered emblems.


The Chief Emblemologist tells his story


PPAI Expo: A little from the Expo

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Published on: January 29, 2015
From Left to Right: Phil Saks, Operations Director; Kayla Spencer, Account Manager; Melissa Halcomb, Account Manager; Kristy Tantillo, Marketing Manager; Orlando Burgos, Art Director, Brian Stidham, Key Accounts Manager


EMT Attends Skucon

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Published on: January 21, 2015
Mark and Catherine Graham, Founders of Commonsku

We have nothing but positive feedback for Skucon! We greatly enjoyed ourselves, and learned a lot there. EMT will be in attendance next year.

What makes everything worth it

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Published on: November 20, 2014

Don’t be Naughty…

Make sure to use a EMT Bag hanger this holiday season.

EMT Attends Halo’s 2014 Branded Solutions, Indianapolis Fall Showcase on Thursday, September 25, 2014

Paula Fenn & Brian Stidham, EMT Key Account Manager at EMT



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