For the Ladies Who Require Extra Pizzazz: Safe Key Pur with Bling

Bag hangers are a unique and practical gift or giveaway item for groups or companies. Keeps belongings close, clean and safe. Purses, briefcases or shopping bags hang clear of the floor in restaurants, offices or restrooms.

Exquisite, highly polished nickel finish
Sturdy and powerful deluxe clasp
Option of with or without bling
Includes full color digital imprint and epoxy dome
Imprint size: 1″
Custom imprint template here
Deluxe gift box packaging included
Production time: 8 working days
5 working day rush service available

Introducing EMT’s New Safe Key-Pur. Email today for a free sample, specify with or without bling!

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Published on: July 22, 2013
Introducing EMT's New Safe Key-pur! Choose with or without bling. Email today for a free sample.

Safe Key-Pur  3 Good Reasons

Keys are always accessible
Exclusively at EMT

•    Exquisite, highly polished nickel finish
•    Sturdy and powerful deluxe clasp

•    Includes full color digital imprint and epoxy dome

•    Deluxe gift box packaging included

•    Production time: 8 working days
5 working day rush service available

•    Only available at EMT!
USA Patent 7,644,900

Displays imprint at all times
Option: with or without bling

•    Corporate Gifts

•    Fundraisers

•    Specialty Retailers

•    Organizations

•    Product Manufacturers

•    Hospitals and Wellness Centers

•    Registration Giveaways

Keeps belongings off
of unclean areas
•    One in four bags contain E. Coli

•    EMT has a shiny solution,
now with the Safe Key-Pur

•    Can you imagine never having
to dig to the bottom of
your purse for your keys again?

Pricing is on a P.


50 100 300 500 Set-up
PUR-KL $7.50 $6.98 $6.80 $6.20 $50
PUR-KLB $8.70 $8.30 $7.90 $7.30 $50
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