What Does Your skucon #EMTPatch Say About You?

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Published on: March 15, 2017

We were fortunate to be sponsors for the promotional products industry’s most disruptive educational event, skucon. And, because patches are on fire in both the retail and promotional markets we thought it fitting that custom adhesive patches be our contribution to the skucon swag bag. EMT and commonsku created five different patches with the help of the talented Tee Hamilton. These patches are representative of the different functions needed to run a successful business operation.

Did you attend skucon? If so, which patch did you snag? If not, take a look at the photo. Which one fits you?

sku-con patches

So, what exactly does your skucon #EMTPatch say about you?



The entrepreneur. The dreamer. The visionary. You, my friend, are the one that has ideas and sees potential and opportunity in every situation both personally and professionally. You are filled with passion for your endeavors and often act as the catalyst to change and innovation. The idea of failure does not dishearten you, but instead provides the fuel for your brighter than the sun, “I’m going to take over the world someday” fire.

For your playlist: “I will survive” – Gloria Gaynor



What people say, you see. Conversations become pictures and movies in your mind. You are able to articulate and convey brand message differently than most. You might tell the story through actual written word, or maybe you have possess the skills necessary to transform thoughts and ideas into pictures and logos. Whatever your unique skills might be, your existence in the mix is necessary because you add color and breathe life into what would otherwise be a boring world full of monotony and routine. While the world is busy building boxes and trying fit themselves into them, you are busy turning those boxes into airplanes and helping our brands take flight and soar to new heights.

For your playlist: “Yellow Submarine” – The Beatles



You can have the best tasting pie on the planet, but if no one knows about it, you aren’t going to sell any of it! You are responsible for ensuring that not only do people know about the pie, but that they feel like they can’t live without having a piece of it. You believe that your company has the best story to tell and are charged with making sure this story is heard by the greatest number of people in the shortest amount of time. A marketer is Cupid personified, armed with a bag full of your-company-branded arrows, you head into the world with the goal of helping people fall in love.

For your playlist: “Papas Got a Brand New Bag” – James Brown



Ah, the closers! You arrive on the scene fueled by equal amounts of coffee and ambition. The entrepreneurs dreamed it up, the creatives brought it to life, the marketers have told the world about it, and now you get to head in to seal up the deal! Your feature-benefit game is strong and you can overcome the objections of the masses before people even have time to object. You are the relationship builder, creative problem solver, and customer-factory liaison. You are charming and full of passion and personality, and are able to think on your feet. If you’re really great at what you do, you don’t have to play the price game to get business. In your world, it’s all about value baby. Priceline negotiator ain’t got nothin’ your mad skills.

For your playlist: “Eye of the Tiger” – Survivor



Operations a.k.a. The Glue that Holds it All Together. When Mr. or Mrs. Priceline Negotiator up there makes promises, it’s on you to figure out how to deliver on-time and under-budget. There’s no time in your world for unicorns and rainbows. You are the straight shooter tasked with efficiency. Systems and processes? Now that’s your jam! More often than not, you can be found behind the scenes, working long hours. Your desk is most likely piled high with orders to enter and bills to pay, which you could get to a lot more quickly if you weren’t also fighting “UPS Delivery Exception Notification” and “Why is the printer jammed again” fires. Yet still, you do what it takes to make it happen. Creatives can keep doing their thing. Marketers can keep marketing. Sales can keep selling. And the entrepreneurs can keep…well.. God only knows what they are doing by now, but thanks to you, we can all keep on keepin’ on. To the operations rockstars, you are the unsung heroes, and for this we salute you.

For your playlist: “I Got the Power” – C&C Music Factory


Which patch did you pick, and where do you fit in the mix? Also, because inquiring minds want to know: What songs are on your power playlist?  

Need patches? EMT makes custom patches easy! Don’t just put a logo on them. Let’s work together to create a series that helps you tell your client’s brand story! Email customercare@emteasy.com for more samples, pricing, and info.

Case Study: White Snowflake Die Cast Christmas Ornament

Purposes: The White Showflake Die Cast Christmas Ornament is a beautiful, bright affordable holiday gift that comes in a decorative holiday envelope that allows for personalization. Perfect for clients, employees or sponsor gifts, the white finish pops against Christmas Trees and Holiday décor, and beautifully frames logos for many holiday seasons.

Market: Financial/Insurance

Objective: Increase brand loyalty, policy holder retention,  and show customers appreciation

Strategy:  A large insurance company sought rate increases of 33% stating the reason for the increase was new customers under the Affordable Care Act turned out to be sicker than expected. The new rate increases would be for the following year and would affect all policy holders. On average national insurance companies increased rates from 20-40%, so the rate increase was anticipated, but transitioning customers into the increase involved some finesse and branding. Part of the retention campaign was to send out personalized holiday ornaments for Tier one customers in an effort to show customer appreciation.

Results: The customers loved the holiday ornament campaign. Just over 87% of the people who received the rate increase stayed on as current customers through July of the following year. The brand’s name grew stronger and the company saw the effects of the campaign throughout the year.


  • Unique decorated envelope packaging
  • Imprint area: 1″ round., silver metallic hanging cord
  • Approximately 3”tall” with intricate pierced details
  • High gloss also available
  • 6 days standard, 5 day rush with epoxy, 3 day rush without epoxy domed imprint

Case Study: American Flag Lapel Pin


Purposes: It’s more than a lapel pin, an American Flag lapel pin is a statement about your pride and dedication to your country. Our selection of American Flag Lapel Pins are perfect for any campaign, event, or giveaway.

Market: Politics

Objective: Win over voters by making them feel a sense of pride in the country and respect for the candidate.

Strategy: A well-known politician in Ohio decided to run for senator. He was running on a platform about restoring the American dream. It was all about making people feel pride in their country once again. He decided to order thousands of American Flag lapel pins and hand them out to anyway and everyone he spoke to.

Result: After months of rallies, debates, and events, the politician gained a lot of traction and won the election. People felt a certain closeness to him because of the lapel pins and a feeling of pride in their vote and their country.

  • Die struck U.S. flag lapel pin
  • Highly polished gold metal finish with three soft enamel colors
  • Includes butterfly clutch
  • Size: 7/8″
  • In stock for fast delivery
American Flag Lapel Pin

Case Study: Challenge Coins

Purposes: The Die Cast Challenge Coin is detailed and created for a high perceived value. They are perfect for any type of recognition and carry more meaning and value than can be calculated.

Market: Military

Objective: To recognize a new level of achievement in the armed forces

Strategy: People who serve in the armed forces aren’t there for personal gain; they are often there to serve a bigger purpose than themselves. Honor and prestige is almost a form of currency to them. For decades, the challenge coin has been offered to show recognition for an accomplishment, and it’s no different in this case. The custom shape, edge, and finish allowed for a truly original coin.

Results: The challenge coins were beautiful and carried a high level of prestige. They were awarded after reaching a new level in accomplishment for a branch of the military. They were a perfect award for the occasion.

  • Pricing includes a custom shape with one or two-sided 2D imprint with no tooling charge for pierced or cutout areas
  • Choice of metal finishes: bright nickel, bright copper, black nickel, antique brass or antique copper
  • Other sizes and finishes available and quoted upon request
  • See Enhancements tab for more options, including custom edges, thickness, and textures
  • Individual poly bag standard, see Packaging tab for more options
  • Production time: 3-4 weeks – rush available
Challenge Coin

Case Study: Spectraflex Coaster

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Published on: March 29, 2015

Purposes: Spectraflex® Coasters are the ideal product for anyone who wants to protect the surface of a table or desk where someone might place their beverage. Affordable, colorful, and flexible, this product has been used in promotions for restaurants, taverns, convention centers, coffee shops, casinos, and so many more. The cost, color vibrancy, and capacity for replicating small detail make this a very popular promotional product.

Market: Oil and Gas Industry

Objective: To create new product buzz and name and introduce a few new sales representatives—who would be focusing on this portion of the company’s product line at a large industry trade show.

Strategy: By the drilling and motor company’s marketing department thinking out of the box in designing this giveaway, it was hoped that the new product would be talked about and that the sales people would be considered fun and easy to talk to. The product decided on was a Spectraflex® coaster shaped into a record (for the new record breaking capabilities of the new product), and the record cover would be a playful image of the product and sales managers. By the first three days at the trade show, the company’s leads generated from the trade show tripled. Everyone seemed to be requesting one, and the playful imagery of the sales team caused a lot of conversation and speculation. After the success of the product at the trade show, it was decided that the sales team would carry the Spectraflex® Coaster/Record gift in their sales kit—many of the sales staff have remarked on what a great conversation starter the product is and how practical for meetings.

  • Brightly colored Spectraflex® coasters are flexible, durable and waterproof
  • Prices include a 2-dimensional molded imprint with a custom shape and 6 molded PVC colors
  • Free PMS color match
  • 3-D designs are available and quoted on request
  • Delivery: Pre-production sample 2-3 weeks. Full production 3 weeks after sample approval


Spectraflex Coaster: Made into a record with a record cover

New Case Study: Full Color Poly Dome Center, Award Rings

Purposes: Wearable Recognition at a surprisingly affordable cost. This item is perfect for team-building, corporate meetings, awards, fraternal organizations, schools, youth groups and athletic events, or any other time, when you want someone to share the appreciation they deserve with everyone.

Market: Global Engineering and Contracting Firm

Objective: While implementing shifting from a corporate prescriptive approach to a governance approach for best safety practices in on-shore pipeline construction, the risk management (one of the five elements in the new management system) created a safety incentive program for the employee involvement that included safety meetings and also, awards for days passed since the last workplace injury. As part of the incentive, the risk management team gave employees: vacation days, award rings, t-shirts, and bonuses.

Strategy: Although there wasn’t a huge budget for incentives, the risk management team wanted to give all field personal an affordable wearable reward for their 90-day incident free track record. The full color poly dome award ring was within the risk management team’s budget. After the HSE (Heath, Safety, and Engineering) initiative was founded and incentives were created, the risk management team was able to manage safety and reduce the number of incidents out in the field by 22.4%.

•    Five stock bezels to recognize excellence
•    Ring Plating Finishes:
Antique Brass finish – standard
Bright Silver finish – $1.00
Bright Gold finish – $2.00
Antique Silver finish – $2.00
•    Available sizes: 5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 10, 11, 12
•    Die struck soft enamel center:
Four week production
•    Full color poly poly dome center:
Eight working day production
•    Production time for optional finishes 4 weeks

Full Color Poly Dome Center Award Ring

Case Study: Folding Bag Hangers


  • Only available at EMT! USA Patent 7,644,900
  • Great for gifts – Deluxe gift box packaging included
  • Includes full color digital imprint and epoxy dome
  • Fast Production time: 8 working days

Purposes: Bag hangers are the perfect gift or giveaway item for groups or companies looking for the unique and the practical. Bag hangers keep belongings close, clean and safe, and also prevent bags from being exposed to contagions such as E. coli and Hepatitis thought to be on public restroom floors, booths in restaurants, public transportation and even in on the floorboards of cars. In one study that was verified on Snopes.com, one in four bags tested positive for E. coli.

Market: Hospitality

Objective: Branding, durability, and practicality, all while being able to be created in less than two weeks. In addition, deluxe packaging needed to be included with the product.

Strategy: A large luxury hotel conglomerate decided to send holiday gift to the ladies in their reward club. The project was put on hold until the last minute, so the gift needed to include deluxe packaging—and be ready to distribute almost immediately after production. The company wanted an original gift, but needed something practical that embraced their luxurious look and feel. The folding bag hangers were selected and club members liked them a lot. They hold up to 15 pounds and safely hang from any flat surface.


EMT Folding Bag Hangers

Case Studies: Etched Medallion Plates

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Published on: September 16, 2013

Product:  Etched Medallion Plates

  • An elegant, innovative award idea available exclusively from EMT
  • High perceived value. An award that the recipient will proudly display and keep forever
  • Packaged with a deluxe satin-lined presentation box and wooden display stand
  • Available in economical 5” size, up to  stunning 12” size
  • A variety of finishes, colors and individual personalization options available
  • Low 10 piece minimum order quantity
  • A recognition or award item with great potential for return orders

Purposes:  Awards, donor recognition, membership/dealer identification

Client: Medical College

Market: Healthcare

Objective: Membership identification

Strategy: The West Society at Meharry Medical College wanted an elegant way to recognize their esteemed and exclusive members. Members were presented with medallion plates, which are proudly display on bookshelves, in offices and display cases.

EMT Case Study: Bicycle Bells

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Published on: August 13, 2013
  • A unique and low-cost item appealing to a wide-variety of clients promoting athletic events, wellness or eco-friendly initiatives
  • Low 100 piece minimum order quantity
  • Quick 8-day production time
  • An economical, practical and fun promotional tool

Purposes: Healthcare and wellness, eco-friendly initiatives, bicycle enthusiast groups, child safety groups, awareness and cause races, triathlons, 5K’s, tourism and travel promotion, corporate challenge events, school and youth groups, sporting goods retailers, fundraisers.

Client: Bicycle Safety Group

Market: Non-profit/safety

Objective: Promote helmet safety initiative

Strategy:  A non-profit group wanted a fun way to remind children to wear helmets while riding their bicycles. Bicycle bells served as a visual and auditory cue to remember to ride safely; all right at their finger tips.

EMT Case Studies: Folding Bag Hangers

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Published on: July 23, 2013

Product: Folding Purse Hanger

·         Sturdy, hidden hook design available exclusively from EMT

·         Deluxe presentation box included

·         Highly visible, full-color imprint

·         Economical straight stem and heart shape swivel designs also available

·         Quick 10-day production time

·         A practical and eye-catching promotional tool

Purposes: Restaurants, bars, women’s organizations, fashion and beverage industries, corporate gifts and small business advertising, women owned businesses, public service and cause awareness campaigns, insurance and travel.

Client: Day Spa

Market: Retail Beauty/Wellness

Objective:  Small business promotion

Strategy:  A high-end day spa wanted and economical way to promote their business to their predominantly female client base and show appreciation to their top-tier customers. They included custom Folding Purse Hangers as part of the gift bag given to customers who purchased their deluxe spa packages. Now their best customers show off their business every time they hang their purse in public.

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