Testimonial: Novella Charon, Account Manager

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Published on: September 21, 2015

“Novella is a true professional and I thoroughly enjoy working with her.  She takes my creative ideas and helps me turn them into top notch virtuals and products that wow my clients.  She has great ideas and solutions and definitely goes above and beyond to help me provide the best possible solutions for my clients.  I appreciate her and the partnership we have with EMT…….. She really makes it EMT-EASY! :)”

Angela Morris – The Promo Shopper


Novella Charon, EMT Account Manager

Case Study: American Flag Lapel Pin


Purposes: It’s more than a lapel pin, an American Flag lapel pin is a statement about your pride and dedication to your country. Our selection of American Flag Lapel Pins are perfect for any campaign, event, or giveaway.

Market: Politics

Objective: Win over voters by making them feel a sense of pride in the country and respect for the candidate.

Strategy: A well-known politician in Ohio decided to run for senator. He was running on a platform about restoring the American dream. It was all about making people feel pride in their country once again. He decided to order thousands of American Flag lapel pins and hand them out to anyway and everyone he spoke to.

Result: After months of rallies, debates, and events, the politician gained a lot of traction and won the election. People felt a certain closeness to him because of the lapel pins and a feeling of pride in their vote and their country.

  • Die struck U.S. flag lapel pin
  • Highly polished gold metal finish with three soft enamel colors
  • Includes butterfly clutch
  • Size: 7/8″
  • In stock for fast delivery
American Flag Lapel Pin

EMT is the Distributor’s Choice

Do you have a need for speed? Take the EMT Speed Challenge.

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Published on: January 26, 2015

EMT is Coin Central. Distributors ask about a free 2-D Die Charge on New Orders Until 7/31/2014

Challenge coins have a long history as a recognition of service in the branches of the military. Now they are a popular symbol of teamwork and membership for public safety officers, teams, fraternal organizations and corporations.

EMT is the 2014 Distributor’s Choice for  Jewelry, Coins & Patches.

EMT Case Study: Golf Coins

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Published on: April 28, 2014
  • 3D stock golf ball design holds magnetized ball marker with full color epoxy dome imprint
  • Coin size: 1-1/2″ round. Ball marker size: 7/8″ round
  • Custom imprint templates: GCM-1B and GCM-1N
  • Fast 8 working day production

Purposes: Perfect for anyone who enjoys golf and a practical and affordable product that helps sink putts in style.

Market: Software Company

Objective: Brand Awareness, sinking putts, winning at golf and taking names.

Strategy: Each year, a team of software engineers participate in a cancer golf tournament as a team. This year, the company where these software engineers worked gave them a promotional golf coin with the company that they represented at the golf tournament as a way to put their brand at this very important awareness event in the community.

Coins, Medals and Dog Tags in 8 working days or less! Email customercare@emteasy.com for a free sample with shipper #!

Speed Coins, Medals and Dog Tags!

The Chinese New Year Won’t Slow You Down: Place Orders by These Dates to Get Order by February 1, 2014!

The origin of Challenge Coins

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Published on: May 22, 2012

EMT customers realize that challenge coins are an important part of their client’s recognition programs. But not everyone is aware of the role challenge coins have played in the rich history of our military, or where the tradition originates.

Like many military traditions, the origin of the challenge coin is a subject of debate. The most commonly repeated origin story stems from World War I, and involves a pilot from the U.S. Army Air Corps. (more…)

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