PromoDoodle – Name This Product!

Name this product!

One of our clients sent this really cool doodle over and centered the entire picture around one of our popular safety products. What product is it? Cleverly disguised as a football helmet in this doodle is our Bicycle LED Safety Light. This small product can mean big things for your brand, and the people that use it!

According to the CDC, there were over 467,000 bicycle related injuries in 2015 with more than 1000 of those resulting in death.  One of the key factors in these accidents? Visibility! By increasing visibility, you can potentially decrease the risk of accident.

Our LED safety lights are ready to help you do just that! These lights are compact and easily wrap around the handlebars, seat posts, or frames of most bicycles. They can also be used on backpacks, dog collars, belt loops and more to add even more visibility, day or night. Included in the programming are three different light settings and the product itself comes in Blue, Red, or Green. In addition to branding the product itself, you add important messaging to the gift box that comes standard with each light.

How can I use these?

Bicycle safety items are the perfect products to add to larger community safety programs. Building awareness for those riding the bikes, and for those sharing the road with bicyclists, is the first step to accident prevention. And quality promotional products are one of the most memorable ways to help you spread your message. These small items can be given out in safety classes, in bicycle shops, or in different businesses throughout the community.  As is the case with a useful promotional product, this LED light provides a tangible daily reminder for the recipient.

What other bicycle products do you have?

The Bicycle Safety LED Light is just one of a number of bicycle related products that we have available at EMT.  Another safety related product is our LED Activity Light, which is a smaller, clip on light that can be worn on shoes, clothing, or backpacks. As for more general use items, we have two different multi-tools for quick repairs on the go, and full color helmet and seat covers, as well as bike bells, which can also be printed in full color and provide year round visibility while serving a practical purpose.

Whatever your needs might be, we’ve got products and ideas waiting.  Reach out and one of our team members will help you find the one that’s just right for you!


This PromoDoodle was created for EMT  by Perfect Imprints

Testimonial: Viktoria Sokolova, Account Manager

“The Guardian Angel? I absolutely love them and have been giving them out to clients in hopes to getting an order.  I’ll keep pushing them till I win one! I’ve had a very positive experience dealing with EMT and Viktoria Sokolova, Account Manager. “We deal with the Real Estate industry and we are promoting this as a “Must Have” key chain for all realtors because you never really know who you are meeting when you go to show a home and with the recent increase in realtors being attacked while showing homes, by having the guardian angel with you, you have a means of defending yourself.”

Jodie Carlson  President
Proforma Elite Texas Graphics

EMT Acount Manager, Viktoria Sokolova


Case Study: Red Stained Glass Effect Die Cast Ornament

Purposes: Modern, unique, stained glass effect die cast ornament with a full color 1″ round imprint area and in a decorative holiday envelope—perfect for personalization. The beautifully designed ornament measures approximately 3” tall, and creates a beautiful keepsake for many years to come.

Market: Large Retailer

Objective: A last minute holiday gift for dozens of guests who would attend the grand opening in a large metro area a few weeks before Christmas. Because of building and construction zones and permits, the large retailer wasn’t sure if they were going to meet their grand opening scheduled date. In the scatter of time constraints and grand opening protocol—the initial custom ornaments were put off on hold until the very last minute.

Strategy: The beautiful, unique ornaments were used as an incentive to get a lot of customers to the store in a short time. The first one hundred attendees would receive the ornaments, and also special discounts at the grand opening event.  The event was televised and broadcast on two local radio stations. In just 10 minutes, the first 100 people had walked through the door and collected the customized ornament. It was a wildly successful grand opening, and the store decided to also hand out the stained glass ornaments to their employees with a Christmas Bonus that year.


  • Translucent stained glass effect ornament (#ORN-RO)
  • 8 days standard, 5 day rush with epoxy, 3 day rush without epoxy domed imprint
  • Unique decorative envelope standard packaging

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