Case Study: Guardian Angel

Purpose: The guardian angel is a light, portable, inconspicuous tool that can be used to protect yourself and loved ones from potential attackers. Designed mainly for women, the guardian angel is used by placing two fingers inside the holes with the bottom resting securely in your palm. In the event of an attack, the wing points will be jabbed towards the eyes or any fleshy part of an attacker. By attaching this key chain to your car keys, you are insuring that a guardian angel is always watching over you.

Market: Personal Protection

Objective: To increase the security and well-being of women as they travel

Strategy: The owner of a major promotional company became aware of an increase in street violence when a close friend of theirs was mugged in a parking lot. Wanting to reduce the number of defenseless women in the city, they started offering a line of personal protection gear to their customers. The first in this line was the guardian angel which was given to a handful of employees to test.

Results: The testimonials of the employees were extremely positive. The guardian angel made them feel more secure as they traveled and were intuitive to use. It felt comfortable in their hands and those that had children off at college said they would feel better knowing their child had a guardian angel.


>       Contoured to fit most hands

>       Concentrates strike force to deter attackers

>       Available in black and white

>       Convenient key ring attachment

>       Large pad print spot color 1 ½” X 1”

>       Production time: 6 Working days

Guardian Angel in White

Case Study: Guardian Angel

Purposes: Intuitive, Non-Lethal Self-Protection Device

Market: Self-Defense/Awareness Education

Objective: Providing a self-protection device that not only makes the carrier feel more secure, but also, makes them very aware of their surroundings. Something that is practical and unique enough that self-defense students wouldn’t mind carrying on a day-to-day basis.

Strategy: A community service organization that works in collaboration with a growing national network of public safety departments, colleges, universities, public schools, emergency management agencies, faith-based organizations and in the civic and corporate sectors wanted to provide their students a non-lethal, legal device for self-defense. The device would have to be practical, so that the students would naturally carry it with them everywhere, and the school would provide training. The Guardian Angel on a Key Ring was selected for design, practicality, cost and originality. The first batch of guardian angels were given explicitly to new registers for the self-defense classes, but the guardian angels were such a success, the school began offering them to all new attendees, and also mailed them out to existing members of the organization for the holidays one year. The organization continues to grow at a 10-25% rate each quarter, and the guardian angel is the perfect device to carry around and showcase their logo and association, because it is such a unique product, and the design is exclusive to EMT.


  • Contoured to fit most hands
  • Convenient key ring attachment
  • Rigid ABS Plastic
  • Two colors in stock: Angel White (PMS 7499) and Guardian Black
  • Large full color imprint with poly dome (1 1/2″ x 1″)
  • Bulk packaging
  • 6 working day production



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