Case Study: White Snowflake Die Cast Christmas Ornament

Purposes: The White Showflake Die Cast Christmas Ornament is a beautiful, bright affordable holiday gift that comes in a decorative holiday envelope that allows for personalization. Perfect for clients, employees or sponsor gifts, the white finish pops against Christmas Trees and Holiday décor, and beautifully frames logos for many holiday seasons.

Market: Financial/Insurance

Objective: Increase brand loyalty, policy holder retention,  and show customers appreciation

Strategy:  A large insurance company sought rate increases of 33% stating the reason for the increase was new customers under the Affordable Care Act turned out to be sicker than expected. The new rate increases would be for the following year and would affect all policy holders. On average national insurance companies increased rates from 20-40%, so the rate increase was anticipated, but transitioning customers into the increase involved some finesse and branding. Part of the retention campaign was to send out personalized holiday ornaments for Tier one customers in an effort to show customer appreciation.

Results: The customers loved the holiday ornament campaign. Just over 87% of the people who received the rate increase stayed on as current customers through July of the following year. The brand’s name grew stronger and the company saw the effects of the campaign throughout the year.


  • Unique decorated envelope packaging
  • Imprint area: 1″ round., silver metallic hanging cord
  • Approximately 3”tall” with intricate pierced details
  • High gloss also available
  • 6 days standard, 5 day rush with epoxy, 3 day rush without epoxy domed imprint

Case Study: Red Stained Glass Effect Die Cast Ornament

Purposes: Modern, unique, stained glass effect die cast ornament with a full color 1″ round imprint area and in a decorative holiday envelope—perfect for personalization. The beautifully designed ornament measures approximately 3” tall, and creates a beautiful keepsake for many years to come.

Market: Large Retailer

Objective: A last minute holiday gift for dozens of guests who would attend the grand opening in a large metro area a few weeks before Christmas. Because of building and construction zones and permits, the large retailer wasn’t sure if they were going to meet their grand opening scheduled date. In the scatter of time constraints and grand opening protocol—the initial custom ornaments were put off on hold until the very last minute.

Strategy: The beautiful, unique ornaments were used as an incentive to get a lot of customers to the store in a short time. The first one hundred attendees would receive the ornaments, and also special discounts at the grand opening event.  The event was televised and broadcast on two local radio stations. In just 10 minutes, the first 100 people had walked through the door and collected the customized ornament. It was a wildly successful grand opening, and the store decided to also hand out the stained glass ornaments to their employees with a Christmas Bonus that year.


  • Translucent stained glass effect ornament (#ORN-RO)
  • 8 days standard, 5 day rush with epoxy, 3 day rush without epoxy domed imprint
  • Unique decorative envelope standard packaging

Case Study: New! EMT Christmas Orb Ornaments

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Published on: August 25, 2014

Purposes: The new paper maché handmade Ornament Orbs provide a customizable twist on a classic design. This design allows for two full color imprints (the same or different imprints) on each side to promote your company or event.

Market: Family

Objective: A custom event for an exclusive event at a well-known museum.

Strategy: Every year a very popular children’s museum hosts a holiday’s open house to members. The purpose of the event is to act as a fundraiser, review prospectus and to reiterate and discuss membership initiatives for the following year. On a budget, the non-for-profit museum wanted to say “Thank you” to their members in a fun creative way, without spending too much money. The Christmas Orbs featured one of the museum’s most popular exhibitions on one side. Everyone loved the orb ornaments, especially because they didn’t have to worry about their kids breaking them. The museum saw an increase in membership by 8.4%, and after the event, people called in wanting to know how to purchase the ornaments in sets.

  • The Christmas Orbs are hand made paper mache with full color imprint,
    coated in resin for a shiny finish
  • Art can be the same on both sides or two different imprints
  • They are available in two sizes, 3” and 2-1/4″
  • All come with a silver metallic cord for hanging
    Silver cord is standard. Red ribbon is $.10 more
  • Standard packaging is bulk with optional individual, sets of two, three or four also available in clear acrylic box packaging optional. QUR
  • Production time: 8-10 weeks after art approval

New Hand-Made Christmas Orbs from EMT


Contact Information
Kristy Tantillo, Marketing Manager
EMT (asi/52263 UPIC: EMTEASY)
7998 Georgetown Road
Suite 200
Indianapolis, IN 46268

EMT Introduces New Hand-made Christmas Orbs for the 2014 Holiday Season
The Christmas Orbs are hand-made paper Mache with full color imprint,
coated in resin for a shiny finish
August 18, 2014
9:00am Eastern Daylight Time

Indianapolis, IN- EMT, the 2013 & 2014 Distributor’s Choice for Jewelry, Emblems & Patches announced a new hand-made paper Mache Christmas Ornament that has been added to their ornament line for the 2014 Holiday Season.

“What makes these ornaments so special is that they are hand-made. Many believe the holidays are over-commercialized and impersonal, our goal was to give our distributor partners something unique and special.” said Kristy Tantillo, Marketing Manager at EMT. “We’ve also added several different options for these ornaments. For example, Art can be the same on both sides, or you can have two completely different imprints.”

The ornaments are available in two different sizes: 3” and 2-1/4″. The ornaments come with a silver metallic cord for hanging, although there is an option for a red ribbon cord for an additional ten cents more. Standard packaging is bulk with optional individual, sets of two, three or four also available in clear acrylic box packaging optional for an additional fee. Production time is roughly 8-10 weeks after approval.

NOTE: Each ball ornament is handmade and slight imperfections in the imprint registration are to be expected.
About EMT

EMT is a supplier of emblematic and other promotional products. For more information, visit or contact Kristy Tantillo at (317) 803-2400. A copy of EMT’s catalog can be downloaded from the same website, or contact EMT by email or phone for a hard copy.

EMT's New Christmas Orb for the 2014 Holiday Season

New Product Release: Christmas Orbs from EMT!

Email with your shipper #, and be the early bird this year with your clients.

Click here for more information.

New Case Study: Red Stained Glass Effect Christmas Tree Ornament

Purposes: The red translucent stained glass effect ornament looks like an expensive, modern ornament made from stained glass, but it’s an affordable and practical gift during the holiday season. The red stained glass effect and oblong shape add originality with a modern flair. It’s ideal for branding opportunities around the holidays—including holiday parties, mailings, giveaways, employee incentive programs, and trade shows.

Market: Religious/Family Youth

Objective: To remind children and their parents who participate in the youth camps initiative about the mission during the holiday season, a very important time of year for the organization who puts on plays and also initiates several different fund drives around the holiday season. Organizers needed something affordable, personable and small enough to be mailed out to all of the families who had participated in the organization within the last five years. The unique decorative envelop offered the organization the opportunity write the names of the families. The ornaments were purchased as part of the organizations’ holiday outreach campaign fund, which outlined a goal to increase membership by 5% annually.

Strategy: Give out the ornaments in a holiday card with a pre-register promotion for the spring/summer programs.  The pre-register promotion had specific perks, and with the affordable, beautiful red oblong ornament, and handwritten envelopes, this promotion helped kick off a record year of registration for the organization. Membership increased by 7% by the end of January.

Red translucent stained glass effect ornament (#ORN-RO)
Approximately 3” tall”
8 days standard, 5 day rush with epoxy, 3 day rush without epoxy domed imprint
Unique decorative envelope option


Here’s your Pot of Gold! Happy St. Patty’s Day!

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Published on: March 3, 2014

This offer is only good for imported die struck or die cast lapel pins.
Not valid for USA-Made.

EMT’s 2013 Holiday Party Pics

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Published on: December 9, 2013

On Saturday, December 7, EMT threw their annual Christmas party at Sangiovese Ristorante. Everyone brought a gift in from home and they ranged from gas-x and beans to two wine glasses and a bottle of wine.

EMT President, Steve Weinstein
From left to right, Account Managers: Viktoria Sokolava, Novella Charon, Melissa Halcomb


Operations Director, Phil Saks


The EMT white elephant produced some interesting gifts.
Orlando Burgos opens up the most popular gift of the night.
Key Accounts Manager, Dave Hutchins
Bookkeeper, Lisa Pabst opens her gift.
EMT Designer, Jacque Hammonds opens her gift.
Artist, Chris Gains in purple.


Everyone was all smiles after ordering.


Appetizers were shrimp and goat cheese.


Having fun.

EMT Case Study: Bottle Stoppers

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Published on: November 27, 2013

Purposes:  Parties, Restaurants, Bars, Wineries, Distilleries, Stores, Hospitality Stores, Drugstores, Grocery Stores, Liquor Manufacturers, Catering Companies, Yachts, Casinos, Golf Courses, Spirit Companies, and Sporting and Music Venues where Beverages are served.

Client: Luxury Automobile Company

Market: Automotive

Objective: Holiday Party Gift/Branding

Strategy:  A luxury automotive company wanted an affordable, yet high-end corporate gift to distribute at their annual executive New Year’s Eve party. Bottle Stoppers were added to each gift bag, and executives were able to reuse this product all through the year–each time viewing the luxury automobile company’s prominent logo. The deluxe gift packaging for this item makes it a great gift idea for the holiday season.

  • Highly polished nickel finish
  • Rubber stopper insert fits most wine and other beverage bottles
  • Low 50 piece minimum order
  • Full color epoxy dome imprint
  • Deluxe black, two-piece gift box packaging included
  • Production time: 8 working day standard. 5 working day rush service available
Luxurious Bottle Stopper in Deluxe Packaging (product always comes in this packaging).

EMT’s Paper Air Freshener: Smell the ocean breeze! Email for a free sample.

Quickly fill a room or automobile with fragrance.

Paper air fresheners with a two-sided, full color imprint on a custom shape!

High quality, scented card stock with the same four color process imprint on each side.
Custom shape Up to 12 square inches in size. Maximum length or width: 6″.
Now available: optional scored perforation for detachable coupon.
Individually poly bagged with deluxe full color insert.
Absolute minimum: 500 pieces.
Over 40 scents available including vanilla, lime, ocean breeze, new car, lavender, pine, berry, cherry, peach, strawberry, aqua and jasmine.
Because of its unique formulation, the fragrance should last 60 days. Hang freely to avoid contact with any surfaces.
Production time: 3 weeks. Rush service available.


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