EMT Case Study: “Iced Out” Dog Tags

Purposes: One of the top morning TV shows, filmed live in New York City, with an audience, wanted a customized accessory to give as a gift, engage the crowd, and leave guests/viewers with a lasting experience.

Market: Although the demographics of this particular morning talk show include everyone, the majority of viewers seem to be young professionals, between the ages of 25-35 years old, primarily female.

Objective: To reach the target audience with a fun, branded gift – to pass out to members of the live audience during commercial breaks and set changes pre- and post-show. As the target market is young professional women, a bright, colorful accessory fit the bill perfectly, but needed to be lightweight, easy to pass out, cost-effective to accommodate the incredible number of viewers, and be produced A.S.A.P.

Strategy: The network purchased over a hundred of these “iced out” dog tags with synthetic jewels and distributed them to the studio audience. Not only were they customized, the colors used were attention-grabbing and bright, with synthetic jewels embellishing the border. Audience members loved the bling! Some immediately attached the dog tags to their keys and purses, while some chose to wear them as a necklace. The “iced out” dog tags were such a hit, network execs began receiving requests by viewers from all around the nation to purchase them, and began carrying them on their e-commerce websites.

•             With or without soft enamel color fill

•             Choose “iced out” with synthetic jewels or custom piercings

•             Sizes and finishes QUR

•             Production time: 4 weeks


"Iced Out" Die Cast Dog Tag

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