Case Study: Lanyards

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Published on: September 17, 2015

Purposes: The economical polyester lanyard with two color expert silkscreened imprint is a versatile, high-quality promotional product; it’s perfect for mailers and to give away at company and social events. With over 13 standard attachments to choose from, the 36” lanyards have a wide variety of potential applications including: security and id purposes for internal employees as well as visitors, keys for any purpose, employee accomplishments or years-of-service, for prescription glasses or sunglasses, cameras, and outside survival gear. All of this wiith only a 2-3 week production time.

Market: Electronics

Objective: Create a presence at a popular camera trade show, and also generate interest in a new product that was released at the show. The promotional product needed to be bright to be noticed, and because so many were being handed out, it needed to be economical as well.

Strategy: The first 250 people to arrive at the camera company’s booth received a lanyard with a unique key at the end. The visitors had to keep the lanyard with the key until the very last day of the show; the show lasted 4 days. Then they had an opportunity to use the key attached to the lanyard to open a glass case. Inside the case, was a new release camera, along with photography kit and gear totaling over $5000. There was only one big winner, but all day long these bright lanyards were spotted on over 250 recipients. The final winner also gave the camera company an opportunity for a press release. Although this was a pricey giveaway, traffic spiked on the produce page on the website over 79.8%. The company was successful in generating quite a buzz about their new product revision. In addition, Twitter was full of product questions.

• Silkscreen on tube lanyards offer silkscreened imprint on rounded, tubular polyester
• One side imprint standard. Second side imprint available
• 13 standard attachments available. ATT05 standard attachment
• 36″ length  & 2-3 week production

EMT Lanyard

EMT USA-Made Speed Lanyards featured in #Marketing Decisions Daily

Check out EMT’s USA Lanyards, they are now featured in #Marketing Decisions Daily.

Get it USA-Made, Get it in 10 Days, EMT Speed Lanyards

USA-Made Speed full color lanyards – a low-cost item perfect and practical for several different types of events including:

Trade show and conferences
Employee ID and security access
Cell phone and electronic holders
Student ID passes
Sporting event identification
Eyeglass holders
Key straps


Your Lanyards: USA-Made


EMT’s USA-Made Product Line. Email for a free sample with your shipper #

EMT has an all new Made in the USA Product Line that we’d like to share with you.

EMT will be providing USA-Made Speed Lanyards for CPPA Winter Expo

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Published on: February 7, 2014

Attend the CPPA Winter Expo and ensure a sweet start to your sales year.  With more than 170 tables full of thousands ideas and samples, you’ll be tasting success in 2014.
CPPA Expos always showcase the most product lines, offer more stimulating education
and provide the best avenue for networking.

Winter Expo Schedule:

8:30am – 9:30am    VIP Forum – Very Innovative Products Forum – See What’s New!

9:30am – 2:00pm    Exhibits Open


Please visit, to register.


Wear your recognition around your neck with USA-Made Lanyards! Email for a sample with your shipper #!

1 Week Production!
Made in the USA

Speed full color lanyards – a versatile low-cost item that that can be used and reused for many events and needs:

Trade show and conferences
Employee ID and security access
Cell phone and electronic holders
Student ID passes
Sporting event identification
Eyeglass holders
Key straps

36″ length
Vivid full color Dye Sublimation
Polyester or Satin material
Full bleed available
End to end printing at no additional charge
Speed lanyard attachment options: ATT07 Bulldog, Split Ring or ATT04 J-Hook
Other attachment options available. Call factory for information & pricing
1 week production
Rush service available, QUR

EMT Case Study: USA-Made Speed Lanyards

•      End to End printing at no additional charge
•      Vivid full color dye sublimation
•      Durable, reusable and recognizable
•      One Week Production Time

Purposes: A tech support company wanted to market themselves at the largest annual tech convention. They wanted a reusable, affordable and practical promotional product that would generate brand awareness. They also needed to have this item fast as the trade show organizer contacted them only three weeks before the actual event with the opportunity to be the official lanyard, ID badge sponsor for the event.

Market: Large Tech Support Company

Objective:  Brand Recognition at a large tech conference

Strategy:  At a well-known technical conference, technical papers regarding a popular antivirus software program were going to be discussed. The tech firm had worked extensively with this software and many of their customers would be affected by the update. They wanted to brand their name along with the antivirus software program, so they sponsored the event and provided branded lanyards. Attendees would wear these lanyards throughout the conference, and undoubtedly, the branding seed would be implanted and synonymously thought of with this software.

USA-Made Speed Lanyard by EMT

New Product Alert: USA-Made Speed Lanyards

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Published on: December 12, 2013

Indianapolis, IN – EMT (asi/52263 UPIC: EMTEASY) has announced the addition of USA Made lanyards to their lanyard line. The low-cost and versatile lanyards come in polyester or satin material with vivid full color dye sublimation imprinting.

“We are really excited about adding these lanyards to our lanyard line,” said Kristy Tantillo, Marketing Manager. “Production times are only one week, and lanyards have so many applications.”

The lanyards are approximately 36” inches in length with end-to-end printing at no additional charge. Full bleed is also available, if requested by customers.

Standard lanyard attachments are bulldog clip, J-hook or split ring, with other options available. USA Made lanyards are priced as low as $2.66(P) price point and rush service is available. For more information, visit:

About EMT

EMT, based in Indianapolis, Indiana, is a manufacturer of emblematic jewelry, awards and promotional products. For more information, visit or contact Kristy Tantillo, at

Satin Lanyards
Polyester Lanyards

New Product Release: USA-Made Speed Lanyards

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Published on: December 12, 2013

New Product Release!

Get USA-Made Lanyards fast- Only one week production.

Custom imprinted lanyards – a versatile low-cost item that that can be used and reused for many events and needs:
o    Trade show and conferences
o    Employee ID and security access
o    Cell phone and electronic holders
o    Student ID passes
o    Sporting event identification
o    Eyeglass holders
o    Key straps

EMT’s Fan Favorite Products are In. Get a free sample with your shipper #.

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