New Case Study: Wipe it Now!

Purposes: Wipe-It NOW! Screen cleaners safely and completely clear the view screens of all mobile electronics.

Market: Software Company

Objective:  Promote their company internationally without incurring heavy shipping charges.

Strategy: A software company headquartered in the US began doing more and more international business. As a way to promote their brand to possible clients in Europe and Asia, they sent them some information about their company and included a Wipe-it Now in every envelope. Because of this gesture, their international sales increased 140%. The company even hired new employees for the international expansion.

Perfect for cell phones, mp3 and DVD players, GPS, cameras and game players
Inexpensive and always visible, the gift everyone will use!
Full color imprint on stock circle, rectangle and square shapes. Now available, a completely custom shape up to 1-1/2″ size
Adhesive microfiber material clings to device back where it is stored for quick access
Place on fingertip to clean screen completely of fingerprints, makeup residue and streaks
Reusable and washable, just rinse in water to restore self-adhesive properties

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