Case Study: American Flag Lapel Pin


Purposes: It’s more than a lapel pin, an American Flag lapel pin is a statement about your pride and dedication to your country. Our selection of American Flag Lapel Pins are perfect for any campaign, event, or giveaway.

Market: Politics

Objective: Win over voters by making them feel a sense of pride in the country and respect for the candidate.

Strategy: A well-known politician in Ohio decided to run for senator. He was running on a platform about restoring the American dream. It was all about making people feel pride in their country once again. He decided to order thousands of American Flag lapel pins and hand them out to anyway and everyone he spoke to.

Result: After months of rallies, debates, and events, the politician gained a lot of traction and won the election. People felt a certain closeness to him because of the lapel pins and a feeling of pride in their vote and their country.

  • Die struck U.S. flag lapel pin
  • Highly polished gold metal finish with three soft enamel colors
  • Includes butterfly clutch
  • Size: 7/8″
  • In stock for fast delivery
American Flag Lapel Pin

Lapel pins outlast election cyles

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Published on: February 21, 2012

Stroll through any antique shop and you will likely find political campaign lapel pins and buttons from candidates both iconic and obscure. The rich history of campaign jewelry stretches as far back as George Washington, whose supporters wore brass buttons at his inauguration reading “G.W.-Long Live the President.”

These days, lapel pins have begun to replace cheaper buttons in local and national elections thanks to their high visibility, relatively low cost and higher perceived value. Savvy campaign organizers are recognizing the value of placing their political brand on a timeless emblem, rather than a disposable one.

Lapel pins project the strength and conviction of the candidate, while recognizing the advocacy of their donors and supporters. From photographic litho pins to die struck enamel, lapel pins continue the campaign button tradition with a keener sense of beauty, and confidence in longevity.

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