New Case Study: Cinch It!

Purposes: The New Cinch It! provides a unique design that holds wires and open bag ends together like nothing before! Unlike regular zip ties, they are easily removable, while still holding wires tightly together. The owners of a college apartment complex used promotional items to help promote their housing opportunity.

Market: Education

Objective: Branding and organization on a college campus

Strategy: At multiple events at a large university, the apartment complex representatives used the New Cinch Its! to hand out to college students.The bright colors were extremely popular, and not only were samples quickly taken, company representatives noted cinch-its attached to backpacks, on door knobs, and even attached to shoe laces. The student living-complex filled up quickly for the next two years, only a month after the marketing campaign.

•    New Design for 2014!
•    Wrap Cinch-it around cord bundles or open bag ends
•    Insert pointed end through slit. Pull tight to Cinch-it!
•    Sculpted in non-toxic, flexible PVC material. 5.75″ long
•    Choice of red, green, orange or blue
•    Custom colors available to match any PMS color
•    Delivery: Pre-production sample 2-3 weeks. Full production 3 weeks after sample approval


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