Testimonial: Viktoria Sokolova, Account Manager

“EMT Easy is a true gem.  There’s a saying in the industry that you can’t get it all; in terms of service, price & quality: please pick two!  EMTeasy is that rare exception where you really can get it all.  As an example the “big” companies that are supposed to be leaders in their category can take 3-7 days for virtuals, whereas EMT almost always turns them on 24 hours. They are also free whereas one of EMT’s competitors charges for every virtual.  Beyond that, their creativity is outstanding.  In two cases I won the business over my competitor, because of their superior design solution at a high profit. EMT’s prices are very reasonable.  They’re simply the best.”

— Gary Dinman, Business Development Manager

Jack Nadel International

Viktoria Sokolova, Account Manager
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